Are You Committed to Your Network Marketing Home Based Business?

So I have a question for you, when you think about your network marketing home based business, do you feel commitment or compliance about doing the things it will take you to be successful?

Do you come from the perspective of feeling like you want to do it, or like you have to do it? I know for myself that I can feel both at times, depending on the state I’m in when I’m working.

Anthony Robbins frequently talks about how to change our state in order to get ourselves to do the things we know we need to do. And there is a lot of power in learning how to get leverage on ourselves so we can change how we look at something we know we need to do so that we are coming from a place of commitment instead of compliance when it comes to our goals, whether they are part of our network marketing home based business, or another part of our life.

The two forces driving you in your network marketing home based business:

I think for a lot of us, our businesses are something where we know what we need to do.  Similar to losing weight, exercising, or getting out of debt,  the process itself is not difficult; eat less than you burn; burn more than you eat; earn more than you spend; spend less than you earn.  But each moment we are faced with the choice to take action toward our goals, or take the easy route to not take action, a battle begins between the two forces in our mind.  The one force that wants to break through our limiting beliefs and boundaries to reach our goals, and the other force that wants to keep us safe and comfortable with the status quo.

If we can change our state from compliant (doing it because we should) to commited (doing it because we want to), we can have the power to achieve anything we want in our network marketing home business or any other area of our lives.

I’ve found that, even when I’m facing the exact same tasks, my attitudes will often be very different in how I approach them.  I experienced a great example of this the other night. My son wanted me to read his favorite story and I have to say that I am so sick and tired of it. We’ve read it every nap time, and bedtime for about 2 months straight.  I couldn’t talk him into something else, not matter how I tried.

Are you treating your network marketing home based business with  compliance or commitment?When I read the book at nap time that day, I approached it a compliance frame of mind.  I was thinking something like:  “Okay, I’ll read it because I have to read it, and he’s not going to go to bed until I read it, and even though I totally don’t want to, I’ll just get it over with.”   I had lots of things to do, and I just wanted him to get to sleep so I could get them done.

But later that night, I still had a long to-do list that wasn’t finished. The dinner dishes were not done, the laundry still needed to go into the dryer, my girls were still working on homework, and I needed to get my son into bed.

Again, he asked for the same book. Ahhhhhh!

I initially tried to get him to pick a different one, but something from within me helped me to realize that I needed to change how I looked at the situation.  I was feeling some sadness about my daughter turning 9 in a few days and I remembered how it felt like only 6 months ago, she was almost 3.   Looking into his big blue eyes, and seeing him at 9, busy with homework, friends, and days at school apart from me, I shifted my state instantly from compliance to commitment.

I read that story with all the voices.  With pauses and emphasis on different parts. I pointed out pictures, talked about what was on each page, and asked him what he thought several times throughout the story.  He loved it, as you can imagine, but you know what?  I loved it too. I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the story myself!

Your attitude toward your network marketing home based business:

I’ve been thinking about this regarding my network marketing home based business and there are certainly areas where I’m not feeling very committed to the things I need to do in order to reach my goals.  But when I think about commitment vs compliance I believe it boils down to one thing.  Having a strong and powerful why.

Spending some time, just a few minutes is all it takes, to really connect with my why and feel the importance of what I’m creating for my husband, family, self, and everyone else I can help with my business makes me look at the same dreary tasks in a whole new light.

I encourage you to think about commitment vs compliance in your network marketing home based business activities and how you can change your state to shift toward more commitment on the things you don’t enjoy doing.

Make a list of all the things you do for your business. What things do you enjoy? What things do you procrastinate or put off.  An example would be if you really enjoy the prospecting part of your network marketing home based business, but procrastinate following up with your preferred clients.  How could you change your state toward the things you avoid or put off doing?

I would love to know how you approach changing your state and how you override the stubborn person inside of you that wants to keep you from moving forward.  What have you learned about commitment and compliance in your life? Do yo have examples that would explain it well to others?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below and share this on twitter, facebook!  And more than anything, please treat your business with commitment. You deserve it, your family deserves it, and the people you can help deserve you being committed to your network marketing home based business!


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  1. Hi Heather…thank-you so much for sharing this, I have recently been focusing hard on re-connecting with my “why” & realizing the value of an attitude of serving others. Only when we realize the fact that we are serving others through our Network Marketing business & that we are filling needs for people, is when we can become successful! Attitude is not only a factor in our success ratio, it is THE KEY factor to our success!!

    By the way, I love the new look to your blog! Can’t wait for our coaching sessions, Jan. is when I plan to be ready for that!

    Keep up the great job on blogs & your awesome content!!


    P.S. I loved the story of reading the same book over & over to your son!! How well I do remember those days!! Now my boys are 14,16, & 19!!:( So do enjoy it while you can, and who knows, the repetitions you are planting in your sons head just may take him places some day!!:) I also remember the frustrations though of not being able to get my work done while having to read & take care of my babies, but often reminded myself of the saying that went something like this, “Theres dishes to wash, laundry to fold, cobwebs to sweep etc. but I am rocking my baby cause babies don’t keep!”:)

  2. Hi Heather,

    thanks for sharing your insights and your story. Very powerful indeed. On one of my former personal development seminars I learned the following distinctions: We can do things because we have to do them, because we want to do them or should do them and because we may do them: I-Must-phase, I-want-phase and I-may-phase (very free translation)

    The assumption is that we get all learning processes in our lives first in the I-may-phase. If we reject it (or don’t realize it) we get hints and hunches (a little bit more severe) in the I-want-phase or I-really-should-do-something-about-it-phase.

    If we still reject them and don’t start learning, we wind up in the I-must-phase. That could be as severe as a heart attack when someone doesn’t stop smoking even if they know that they should.

    A lot of people are in the I-must-phase for their entire lives, for example when they’re in the money rat race.

    Spiritually there’s nothing wrong with either of these phases – we decide on which level we start learning or not.

    It’s my goal to live more and more in the I-may-phase.

    In our daily lives, it means that we can decide if we have to do something (=read the same book all over again) or if we want to do it or even if we may read it – we can even decide that we may pay taxes instead of having pay to them.

    With that said, congratulations that you took the decision to read this book to your son full-heartedly. Your kids can be grateful to have a mother like you.

    Life is an amazing journey, isn’t it ?

    Take care


  3. Hey Heather,

    Attitude is the difference maker, and it’s amazing the difference that a good versus bad attitude makes to the experience of doing something, and the result we get from it.

    Sometimes I get bad attitudes about doing certain things. It’s natural, but we have to be aware of it, because it then becomes a choice.

    There are times when certain tasks become so repetitive that you just don’t feel like doing them. That’s perfectly natural. But when you realise the consequence of not doing them, like you did with your son, it becomes very clear how important they are and that can change our attitude for the better quickly.

    Great insight,

  4. hmm… I think I’m committed to my business success :0)

    I think it’s important to take whatever it is you’re doing as seriously as possible. The hard part about building a business is that no one is there pushing you, telling you to do stuff – and so procrastination starts.

    I like to do lists – they help. Thanks for sharing Heather.

    keep em coming
    talk soon

  5. Hi Heather,

    I always liked your old blog look but I do like what you have done here too – to me it seems to be stronger and more business-like. 🙂

    I loved reading this post because while the context may have been specific to you, I could relate totally to the experience you described.

    I guess there will always be things about business that we will like more than others and like you, there are some aspects of what we have to do that I just don’t want to do some days.

    The only way I get through these times is to continually ask myself what it is I want. I play my WHY out in my mind like a little movie clip and try to connect with the emotion of having achieved this.

    It does not always work which really just tells me that I am not vibrating in alignment with my desire so then I find any way to change how I feel in the moment by creating a new moment away form what I have to do.

    I keep a file of funny video clips for instance which I spend time watching or I will listen to music, meditate, breathe deeply etc.

    I do whatever I can to feel relief from the “anti feeling”. Usually when I change how I feel in the moment I am fine to go back and do whatever it was that seemed to be such a burden at the time and it’s just so easy that I wonder why I was so anti to begin with… until the next time…

    Thanks for sharing so openly here.


  6. Hi Heather,

    I like how you stress to get at the Why aspect of your network marketing business.

    To focus on the Why in the What I take frequent breaks during the day. All creation occurs on an energetic level so there’s nothing more important than watching how you feel before you act, for your feelings are the great motivating factor in your life.

    I dwell on the freedoms that running a home based opportunity affords me. As I watch most people run through the rat race and realize that yes, that was me at one time, I quickly become inspired to do what a few minutes before seemed like an insurmountable task.

    Emotions are like that. Tap into powerful positive emotions and watch how quickly your perspective changes.

    Thanks for sharing your insight and have a powerful day!


  7. Heather:

    I too sometimes feel “oh I HAVE to do this today.” But I have learned to look at it with excitement and hope knowing that I am literally building something from the ground up. I realize it’s business and no one can or will do it for me. That is a powerful realization and unless you accept failure…a necessary reality.
    This was a great post and thank you for sharing it with us!

  8. Hey Heather,

    I love visiting your blog, always providing valuable content.

    Yes, I’m totally committed to my network marketing business. I have set myself goals and I have a clear vision of what I want my business to become.

    One thing that keeps me going is my “why”. I’m closely connected to my “why” and I can relate to yours as well 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong

  9. I am really guilty in procrastinating which make me have a lot of things in the to-do-list for my business. I think I need to renew my commitment for my home business again. Doh!

  10. just found your blog thru FB group “blogging masterminds”… great post! i think that having a firm and emotional attachment to your “Why” is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in network marketing. it will give purpose to the most mundane tasks that i often push to the back burner. great analogy with your son’s bedtime story. best wishes to you heather! 🙂


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