Clever Marketer Frank Kern’s: 5 Pillars of Kindness for Network Marketers

Frank KernI saw an awesome video by clever marketer Frank Kern that contained a simple formula to help help more people, sponsor more business builders and sell more in your network marketing business.

Network marketing is an industry that gives us tremendous power to help others by bringing value to them through our products and/or our opportunity.  We can make a difference in the lives of everyone we meet and those we may never meet, through our positivity and the personal growth we’ve made, and like a pebble tossed into the water, the ripple effect we make can spread through our communities and world.

I’m sure you’ve heard that the amount of income we earn is proportional to the amount of value we bring to others (Read, The Go Giver, by Bob Burg & John David Mann if you haven’t heard this before!)

Frank Kern, one of the most successful and clever Internet marketers online today, on a recent list building product launch that he had, talked about his 5 pillars of kindness that he uses to create a feeling of good-will in his community by providing immense value to others.  We should ALL be applying these to our businesses (and lives.)

Frank Kern 5 Pillars of Kindness:

PLEASE NOTE: The most important thing to keep in mind regarding these 5 pillars of kindness by Frank Kern is focusing on others!  It’s not about you; it’s not about me; it’s not about our products or our opportunities.  If you’re focused 100% on their needs, fears, wants, and desires, you’ll be able to understand how you can help them and what their desired outcome really is, which is the first pillar.

1. Know their desired outcome:

  • Do they crave free time to spend with family, friends, or doing something they love
  • Are they concerned about making enough money to pay the bills and wishing they had something left over to have a little fun?
  • Do they wish they were doing something that was meaningful, aligned with their gifts that brought value to others?
  • Are they craving a chance to work with people who are positive, fun, and supportive?
  • Are all their goals, ‘someday when’ goals instead of 6 month, 12 month, 3 year goals?
  • Do they want to be able to send their kids to private school?
  • Do they worry about how they’ll ever be able to retire?
  • Are they in debt and frustrated that even though they work very hard, they don’t have anything left to show for it?

How about your products?

  • Would they make life easier somehow?
  • Help someone feel healthier or more beautiful?
  • Will your product help them impress their friends?
  • Will your products entertain them, educate them, or help them feel connected to others?

Ultimately when you break things down to the core reason everything your prospect buys is somehow to help them feel better about themselves.

If you don’t know what someone would want to accomplish through your opportunity or products you should take a few steps backward to discover that, through focusing on him or her, and asking questions to uncover their desires.

2. Overcome their skepticism with “shock and awe coolness” to quote Frank Kern:

Let them know your goal is to help them, and give them something for free to prove you are genuine.

  • Can they try your best product for free?
  • Can you give them something that will feel ultra valuable to them?
  • Whatever you give them, it has to be your absolute best!
  • Don’t be cheap, don’t think with a scarcity mindset here!
  • Can you give them your time/knowledge with a consultation?
  • Can you invite them to an event that will be fun and enlightening?

Get clever & think outside the box here!

3. Demonstrate that they can do it:

Everyone is afraid of failure.  How many times have you spent money on something that didn’t work out the way you hoped? How may products have you purchased that ended up not working, or you ended up not liking? People are afraid of making these mistakes, and you have to take away their fears and help them to overcome their self doubt.

  • Share success stories from other people who are part of your organization or testimonies from others have tried your products and had great results.
  • Point out the challenges they may face in your opportunity and share what you’ve done to overcome them.
  • Connect them with others who may have a similar background that they have, who have achieved a level of success.
  • Do you have a testimony page on your website that you can share results others have achieved with your products?  How about before/after photos?

4. Give them the tools they need to achieve their desired outcome:

What tool can you give them to help them acieve their desired outcome?  Do you have resources that would help them achieve a successful outcome, such as an information product, physical product sample with a video or instructions on how to use it, or a trial of your particular system or product? Again, make sure this is something that they’re going to see results with if they use it!

5.  Motivate them to go further: follow these 3 steps:

  1. Make an offer and be kind when you do it. Make the offer so that your client realizes you’ve got their best interest as your goal.  Let them know what you want them to do and why you want them to do it (remember their desired outcome).
  2. Give them a reason to take action quickly: Are they going to get a super-duper bonus package if they order before a certain date?  Will they be able to take advantage of a certain savings if they take action now? This does not have to be something your company offers.  I see too many network marketers making offers that are only backed by their company…how about upping the ante a little, and throwing in some offers of your own?  Maybe something along the lines that if they sign up before the end of the week, you’ll give them a free product.  Again, think outside the box and get creative on this one.  If money is an issue, give your time, or or your talent.
  3. Also, make sure that you give them a rock solid guarantee! Your company probably already has a guarantee on the products so make sure that your clients are aware of this. If you’re sharing your opportunity, there are no guarantees regarding income and the success or failure is dependent on their personal skill and efforts.  But you can give the guarantee, that you will work with them and their new business builders to help them present the opportunity and products to others until they have the skills to do it on their own!

I encourage you to stop and to take an inventory of your sales, marketing, and prospecting systems to and make sure you’re covering all 5 pillars of kindness.  They are common sense when you keep your prospect’s best interest as your goal, but they will help you to be more effective in helping people with your products and network marketing opportunity.


That’s clever marketing.

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