Growing Pains and Profitability

Growing Up to Become a Professional Social Media Manager

What small business challenges are you experiencing? Read to learn how to grow through them, join us on a free call and enter to win a free Biz Blog Planner.

Tax Deductions that Bloggers Should Not Miss

Tax Deductions Bloggers Should Not Miss Image

Don’t miss out on money saving tax deductions you may be eligible for if you’re blogging for your business or to earn an income from your internet marketing blog.

Work Life Balance: Making Life Beyond the Blog Mission Possible!

bloggers biz planner summer

A WAHM Schedule that Makes Work Life Balance Possible! Discover 3 secrets to reaching your business goals and having a life beyond your blog!

Backblaze Online Backup: Best Business Insurance Policy I Ever Bought

backblaze computer backup

How much value do you have saved to your hard drive? How will you feel when your hard drive dies and you’ve lost it all? Don’t worry, get Backblaze, be happy.

Broken Heart Tested Marketing Aha

A Marketing Lesson Losing Molly

Marketing lesson: If you’ve been scared to market your home based business on the internet I truly hope you take to heart what I’m about to say.

The Me I Want to Be John Ortberg | WAHM Entrepreneurs Journey

The Me I Want to Be | John Ortberg

The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg, provides a glimpse into the things that may hold you back from achieving your goals on your WAHM enterpreneurs journey!

Clever Marketer Unplugged in Chicago!

Unplugging in Chicago this Weekend

A personal letter to you, my friends online… I think I’m one of the lucky people in this world who has found the thing in life that they love to do.  I could lose all sense of time when I’m working (and I sometimes do), which has caused some stress at times in my family. […]

A Marketing Lesson: Standing Topless in Front of My Church Group

Marketing Lesson I Learned at a Waterpark Outing

Come laugh with me at this marketing lesson I learned during a very embarrassing moment that lead to me standing topless in front of my church group!

Tell Me the Truth: What Would You Do to Clever Marketer?

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Help me make Clever Marketer the best blog marketing and mentoring site on the Internet. Please tell me what I need to do better and what you’d love to see in the future!

Join the Clever Marketer Mastermind Community: Blog Commenting Tribe!

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Join the Clever Marketer Mastermind Community today! Connect, collaborate, and grow your business with the blog commenting tribe and marketing forum!