Peace, Love and List Building | Groovy Plugings that Get More Subscribers!

Groovy List Building Plugin Image

Discover 3 groovy list building plugins that will help you get more subscribers as well as help you treat your list to bonus goodies they’ll love and share!

Celebrating Our Success: The Prove It Blog Challenge

We Did It! The Prove It Blog Challenge

We Did it! I can hardly believe it’s over, and I’m so incredibly blown away by all of you and your amazing support of each other in this first Prove It! Challenge.  You all ROCK…so let’s rock together now. Push play… “It’s time to come together! It’s up to you what’s your pleasure? Everyone around […]

Beginner Blogger: Free Resources to Launch Your Blog

launch a blog: find your way through the mechanical maze of setting up your wordpress blog!

Most marketers who want to launch a blog, struggle with two big challenges: limited technical knowledge, and limited financial resources. If you are a home based business owner who is stuck in the mechanical maze of launching a blog, today’s post will help.  It’s a map showing you where to put your money, and where […]

The Interview Blueprint: Great Blog Content, from A to Z

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Discover why you should do interviews to create great blog content, who to interview, how to approach them, best practices for conducting your interview & more!

Secrets of Effective Duplication for Dummies and Clever Marketers Too

Effective Duplication Station

Come with me for ride on the success train! Next stop, duplication station where the effective duplication secrets are shared by your favorite guru marketers!

Triberr | A Clever Traffic Secret You Really Want to Know

Triberr Thank You

Have you experienced Triberr, the gift that keeps on giving? Discover how to give back to others with the gift of more traffic, exposure, and twitter followers!

March to Our Success

March top commentators

Have you ever been part of a marching band?  In 6th grade our family moved to a new town and I went from a large school to a very small school that was kindergarten through 8th grade in one building.  My new class was 24 kids, mostly whom had been together since preschool. To say […]

Blog Forum Brilliance: Highlighting Clever Marketers

Blog Forum Bloggers

My blog forum marketing strategy, highlighting the clever marketers in the blog forum who are helping me to spread the word, and the free membership winner!

Want to Strut Your Stuff with a Guest Post On Clever Marketer?

Guest Posting on Clever Marketer

Think you’ve got some clever marketing moves of your own?  Come strut your stuff on clever marketer with a guest post! But first: read this post on guest posting etiquette and set yourself up for guest blogging success with these 10 guest post tips! Guest posting can give you a big boost of targeted …

Spark a Smoking Hot Blog Commenting Party with These Top Blog Commenting Plugins

Blog Commenting Party Starting Plugins

It’s easy to start a blog commenting party when you’re following these 3 blog commenting tips and using these awesome blog comment attracting plugins!