Apartment Therapy Niche Failure

Apartment Therapy Niche Blogging Mistake

Blogging mistakes happen to the best of the best. Simple errors in judgement that leave readers scratching their heads, wondering “what the …?” are something we hope never to make in out blogging careers. I noticed a big blogging mistake when I visited one of my favorite design websites for some information on reupholstering a […]

Tax Deductions that Bloggers Should Not Miss

Tax Deductions Bloggers Should Not Miss Image

Don’t miss out on money saving tax deductions you may be eligible for if you’re blogging for your business or to earn an income from your internet marketing blog.

Creative Writing Made Easy: Networking Times Article

7 tips to easy creative writing that gets results for your home based business plus a free downloadable writer’s resource for business bloggers!

3 Secrets to a Sexy Blog Schpeel

What do you say when someone asks you about your blog?

Do you stumble for words when someone asks you about what you do or what your blog’s about? Here are 3 easy tips to help you WIN prospects and referrals!

Work Life Balance: Making Life Beyond the Blog Mission Possible!

bloggers biz planner summer

A WAHM Schedule that Makes Work Life Balance Possible! Discover 3 secrets to reaching your business goals and having a life beyond your blog!

Backblaze Online Backup: Best Business Insurance Policy I Ever Bought

backblaze computer backup

How much value do you have saved to your hard drive? How will you feel when your hard drive dies and you’ve lost it all? Don’t worry, get Backblaze, be happy.

Using Guest Blogging to Fill Out a Portfolio

Mic by billaday, on Flickr

Guest blogging is excellent to create a bigger, better portfolio to showcase your talent. Discover a 3 step process for getting started guest blogging.

Marketing Management | How to Know What Projects to Delegate

Wearing Too Many Marketing Hats?

Click to learn my two question marketing management solution for knowing which projects to delegate to a social media or seo manager and which to do yourself.

Commenting Controversy: Are Tribes Smart or Sleazy?

Commenting Tribe Debate Image

Are commenting tribes smart or sleazy? Come join this naked conversation about our blog commenting tribe and let us know what you think! 100% honesty required!

Product Review: Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong

Underground Blogging Secrets Review Mavis Nong

Underground Blogging Secrets Review. Clever Marketer’s praise and the criticism of Underground Blogging Secrets training course by Mavis Nong and Phill Turner.