Secrets of Effective Duplication for Dummies and Clever Marketers Too

Effective Duplication Station

Come with me for ride on the success train! Next stop, duplication station where the effective duplication secrets are shared by your favorite guru marketers!

A Marketing Lesson: Standing Topless in Front of My Church Group

Marketing Lesson I Learned at a Waterpark Outing

Come laugh with me at this marketing lesson I learned during a very embarrassing moment that lead to me standing topless in front of my church group!

Decisions Create Our Destiny

Tony Robbins Ted Talk | Decide to Enjoy the Ride!

Tony Robbins TED Video explains why we do what we do, and how we can do it better by making better decisions in our life and business.

You Got It In You!

mentoring and coaching to help you reach your goals

If you are trying to go about building your business without coaching and mentoring, you’re asking for trouble. No, to be blunt, you’re asking to fail.

Tell Me the Truth: What Would You Do to Clever Marketer?

Business Blog Critique Clever Marketer Image

Help me make Clever Marketer the best blog marketing and mentoring site on the Internet. Please tell me what I need to do better and what you’d love to see in the future!

Scared or Broke | Which Online Marketing Opportunity Are You Choosing?

Online Marketing Opportunity

Do you let being scared keep you from moving forward in your online marketing opportunity? Get the secrets to moving forward in your online business here in today’s post!

Join the Clever Marketer Mastermind Community: Blog Commenting Tribe!

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Join the Clever Marketer Mastermind Community today! Connect, collaborate, and grow your business with the blog commenting tribe and marketing forum!

Are You Afraid to Rise to Rock Star Status? Here is the Solution…

Fear of success accountability group image

So, if you’re a serial start-stumble-and-stall marketer, how do you break out of the repeat offender rut and overcome your fear of success? Accountability.

Make Money From Home: How to Put More Cash in Your Pocket Today Doing What Comes Easy to You

Make Money from Home Doing what Comes Easy for You

Discover how to speed up your ability to make money from home, by leveraging the things that come easily to you in your home based business!

The Power of Home Based Business Leverage

home based business leverage image

Learn from my mistakes: Discover how I’ve been limiting my home based business leverage by ignoring one important key to Internet marketing success.