Apartment Therapy Niche Failure

Apartment Therapy Niche Blogging Mistake

Blogging mistakes happen to the best of the best. Simple errors in judgement that leave readers scratching their heads, wondering “what the …?” are something we hope never to make in out blogging careers. I noticed a big blogging mistake when I visited one of my favorite design websites for some information on reupholstering a […]

Growing Pains and Profitability

Growing Up to Become a Professional Social Media Manager

What small business challenges are you experiencing? Read to learn how to grow through them, join us on a free call and enter to win a free Biz Blog Planner.

My Interview with Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg Interviews Heather Stephens

I was so excited when Ann Sieg asked to interview me about my blog and my business last spring. This is my story of her transformational teaching and my ability to adapt and embrace what life offers.