Personal Branding for Network Marketers: Yin-Yang of Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with Your Personal Brand

We’ve been on a journey of personal branding for network marketers this past week, learning how to make ourselves stand out from the crowd of network marketers online, how to leverage our personal style and use it to attract people like us who will become raving fans, subscribers, and future business partners.   But…I’ve kept […]

Personal Branding for Network Marketers: Be Unforgettable!

Personal Brand for Network Marketers Be Unforgettable

Personal branding for network marketers is a process to make yourself unforgettable to your followers, readers and prospects so that they don’t forget about you as soon as they click off your page! In our fast paced, attention deficit world with thousands of network marketers building their businesses online, you’re doomed to failure if you […]

Personal Branding for Network Marketers: Find a Niche

Be Unique and Unforgettable in Your Personal Brand

Stand out and be remembered with a personal branding strategy for network marketers. Build a a successful “You inc.” business online and attract ideal clients.

Personal Branding Tips: 2 Essentials to Establish Know, Like, and Trust

When building an online business people can be skeptical of you. You can build know like and trust with these 2 essentials to your personal branding strategy.