Apartment Therapy Niche Failure

Apartment Therapy Niche Blogging Mistake

Blogging mistakes happen to the best of the best. Simple errors in judgement that leave readers scratching their heads, wondering “what the …?” are something we hope never to make in out blogging careers. I noticed a big blogging mistake when I visited one of my favorite design websites for some information on reupholstering a […]

Growing Pains and Profitability

Growing Up to Become a Professional Social Media Manager

What small business challenges are you experiencing? Read to learn how to grow through them, join us on a free call and enter to win a free Biz Blog Planner.

My Interview with Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg Interviews Heather Stephens

I was so excited when Ann Sieg asked to interview me about my blog and my business last spring. This is my story of her transformational teaching and my ability to adapt and embrace what life offers.

You’re a Big Fat Liar!

Stop Lying to Yourself About Your Business

Stop lying, cheating and stealing from yourself! It’s time you take a look in the mirror, ignore the toothpaste splatters, and get honest! (I did and it feels great!)

Video Marketing Secrets from BlogHer Part 2

Video SEO Marketing Tips BlogHer

Warning: contains smokin’ hot video resources, including a free video marketing ebook and a video marketing tip that got a standing applause!

Video Marketing Secrets from BlogHer

Video blogging and video marketing tips from BlogHer

This Video Blogging post is part one of a multiple post series sharing the golden nuggets I learned at BlogHer11. Read on for the best tips tools and software.

3 Secrets to a Sexy Blog Schpeel

What do you say when someone asks you about your blog?

Do you stumble for words when someone asks you about what you do or what your blog’s about? Here are 3 easy tips to help you WIN prospects and referrals!

Work Life Balance: Making Life Beyond the Blog Mission Possible!

bloggers biz planner summer

A WAHM Schedule that Makes Work Life Balance Possible! Discover 3 secrets to reaching your business goals and having a life beyond your blog!

Clever QR Code Marketing Secrets

Podcast on QR Codes Image

Listen & learn about dozens of ways to use QR Codes to market your business with this Business Strategies that Work Podcast with Dale Little & Heather Stephens

You’ll Fall in Love with FatWallet Philosophy Too

Heather Stephens Falls in Love with Fat Wallet

My Fat Wallet Story: Ever have one of those life-changing moments when life is out of control but turns out way better than you ever could have done by yourself?