Carrie Wilkerson: Using Social Networking Sites to Create Business Buzz

"Create Buzz on Social Networking Sites to Take Your Business to Infinity and Beyond!"I love directing you toward great content and excellent teachers that have been instrumental in my own education and training…that’s what Clever Marketer is all about.  Tonight I’m introducing you to Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive.  She just wrote a GREAT blog post tonight about using social networking sites to create a buzz around your business!

In her post, Carrie shares a list of things to keep in mind while creating a buzz in social media, like providing great content, branding yourself, and using discounts, give-aways, and contests to enhance your online marketing.  But what I love most about Carrie’s post is that she shares how you can make people aware that you’ve got great products, services, and content online without blatantly spamming your links on twitter, Facebook, and linked in.

Especially in the mlm network marketing arena online, many mlm marketers promote their businesses in the wrong way.  They post tweet after tweet promoting their opportunity and products, instead of engaging with their audience and adding value through conversation and valuable content.

Choosing to be one of the clever marketers out there who offers value and looks for ways to help others in social media can create dramatic buzz that will take your business “To infinity-and beyond!”

Carrie was one of the first Clever Marketers I followed in my journey from network marketer to internet marketer.  She’s a social media and list building expert, the founder of the AWHW, Association of Work at Home Women, and a clever marketer you should follow!

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  1. good post, i think you are right, too many people just try to blindly throw their services out there instead of building the relationships it takes to truly grow your business.

  2. Now there are so many people on social media I think it is vital to use it in any marketing campaign. It is easy to post something on Facebook and a lot of people will see it and possibly repost it.