Building Your Network Marketing Internet Business: Think TINY for BIG Results!

Thinking “tiny” will set you apart from the crowd of other people building their network marketing internet business in social media and have your prospects looking up to you for advice on your home based business!

Building your network marketing internet business in social media?

Is your approach to social media leaving your network marketing prospects running away from you instead of attracting them to you?

Do you want to learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd of network marketing internet business builders in social media and leave your followers hanging on your last tweet, hoping you tweet again soon?

Thinking T.I.N.Y is the best place to start!

Here’s your 30 Second Bubble Tweet Video Tip Think TINY in Social Media.

Yes…we are taught that there is Magic in Thinking BIG when it comes to building our network marketing internet business, but when you’re building your business in social media that can be the kiss of death.

A tip for those promoting their network marketing internet business with social media:

I learned a great tip from Doug Firebaugh, a network marketing expert and trainer who I LOVE to learn from!  I recommend you check out his blog and follow him on twitter. He’s got a lot of great information for network marketers and he comes from a heart-centered approach to business that will leave your prospects feeling good about having done business and spent time with you!

Doug suggested that when we are in a social media situation we need to constantly be thinking T.I.N.Y.  Their Interests Not Yours.

What does your follower want to know about? What are they interested in?  What are their problems, challenges, fears that they need a solution to?

There’s a tendency many network marketers have online; they want to share their amazing network marketing opportunity and their super duper health and wellness products.  Instead of throwing up your opportunity online to everyone who reads your update, instead share information that is relevant to your opportunity or products. Educate your followers, share great information with them that they would be interested in.

And here’s a clue…they’re not thinking about or interested in you!  They’re thinking about themselves!

So remember to think T.I.N.Y. and share information that your prospects are interested.  They’ll wonder who this person is that keeps sharing all this great information with them. You’ll be giving value to them. And you will have them wanting to know more about you and your opportunity.

Now, don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by this.  You don’t have to create all this information by yourself!  You can leverage the expertise of other people to feed your hungry crowd of followers.  Wanna know how to leverage the expertise of other people to feed your hungry crowd of followers?  Check out this blog post about how to effectively share other people’s content on twitter.

When your building your network marketing internet business using attraction marketing techniques you can easily connect with your followers!

Please tweet and facebook this to share it with your followers! I hope you follow me too, so we can be friends online!  Please leave a comment and introduce yourself.  I’d love to hear about your network marketing internet business, or whatever business your in! 🙂


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  1. Hi Heather, I really do try to think about what others need, I have been in the shoes of networkers on and offline. It is hard but worth the effort. We do well offline but on is a whole new ball-game. I know it it’s only a matter of time before the numbers get big just because I do do the things mentioned here. Perfectly, no, and this is a good reminded to stay focused on the needs of others. Goes back to Zigs Quote. “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar
    God Bless,

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Bruce,

      I’m going through and making some changes to my blog, and in the process of updating some of my older posts, I found your comment on one of my first blog entries. I apologize for not thanking you sooner!

      I know we can’t be perfect online or off, but in my opinion that’s the fun part about network marketing. It’s a journey of personal growth and continued baby steps toward getting better.

      I love the Zig Zigglar quote you shared and you’re so right we can have everything we want if we help others. I am in the middle of going through the Purpose Driven Life book and I’m seeing it more and more that my purpose is to help others. I’m not sure I would have discovered that without network marketing.

      God bless you as well. I’m grateful to have met you!

      I hope your network marketing journey is a beautiful one!!!



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