Do You Blokube Too?

Blokube Social Voting Site for Bloggers ImageThe Blokube secret is out and if you’re not on Blokube you’re missing out on traffic and networking with top bloggers around the world!

What is Blokube?

Blokube is a social networking and voting site, created by the talented and young Devesh Sharma, for blog writers who place themselves under the internet marketing umbrella of topics, such as blogging, SEO, marketing, web development, etc.

It’s a place where writers can submit their blog posts (or a reader who enjoyed the post can submit it) to Blokube and everyone can vote and comment on the piece, giving it more exposure and a higher ranking on the Blokube site. This builds social proof and is great feedback for the writer, as to what topics would be great to write about in the future

Who is Blokube For?

Blokube is a place for bloggers in the internet marketing world to share what they know, network, and gain social proof and credibility on their posts via votes.

It’s a place for you as a reader to go and explore some of the best posts on a particular blogging topic!

Bloggers who write on the following topics will find a happy home at Blokube!

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Link Building
  • Business business
    • Domains
    • Marketing
    • Professional Writting
    • Web Traffic
    • Entrepreneurship
  • PPC
  • SEM
  • Searching
  • Usability
  • WordPress
  • Design
  • Affiliates

What to expect when you join Blokube?

You will need to set up an account on Blokube.  It’s easy, free, and anyone can join!

Once inside you will want to set up your profile and then take a look around by clicking on the categories that interest you.

The posts are listed with a photograph, title and summary.  When a post peaks your interest, you can simply click on the post title.  This will take you to a page on Blokube for that individual post with a place to vote, comment, and share the post from Blokube on twitter and stumble upon

To read the post click on the title again. This will take you to the blog it’s published on.

Many bloggers have installed the Blokube voting button on their blogs so you can conveniently vote.  (Mine is to your left, the blue box…click it please!) You can comment on the blog and you can comment on Blokube as well! 🙂

How to add a blog post to Blokube:

Dani, asked on the Clever Marketer Prove it Challenge Facebook Group, how to submit a post to Blokube, so I created a quick video to show you how.

And to make submitting your posts even easier, you can drag the Blokube bookmarklet button to your bookmark toolbar!

So why should you fit Blokube into your already busy blogging schedule?

In a nutshell: exposure, traffic and social proof!  (And to improve your blogging skills…)

Most of us are familiar with bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumble Upon, but they’re overcrowded and the chances of getting real exposure on these sites is not in our favor.

Because Blokube is a smaller network built within a focused niche, your chances of showing up on the top listings are awesome if your post is well written and it provides value!  This could lead to so many great things like more blog traffic, guest posts, networking, and social proof.  (The ol’ guilt by association of being seen with the who’s who in the blogosphere!)

If you know me, you already know how passionate I am about the topic of stretching your comfort zone and becoming the type of person you need to be in order to do what you want to do and have what you want to have.   One of the biggest reasons I think you need to be on Blokube is because of who it can help you to become!

If you’re a new blogger, entering a site like Blokube can feel intimidating because you may feel like your writing isn’t up to par, your blog isn’t as professional looking, or your whatever excuse your insecurities bring up for you.

You will find your blogging and writing skills improving the more you actively participate in a community like Blokube!  I’ll be writing about this topic in a future post, but you know that you are the average of the 5 people you’re the closest to.  This principle applies to developing our skills and talents as well.

The bloggers I’ve met and networked with on the Blokube site are dedicated to perfecting their craft.  Putting yourself in the center of a community like that is going to help you to grow your skills both professionally and personally.

If you’re serious about growing your blog and improving your blogging skills, I want you to head over to Blokube today, set up your profile and submit your most recent post.  Get active, start reading, voting and commenting on the posts of other Blokube members and start to network!  It could be the best thing you do for your business this year.

So, my final question is, “Do you Blokube too?”  If you’re already a Blokube blogger, please share why you love it in the comments below.  And of course, please share this in social media, and please vote for my post on Blokube!

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  1. Hi Heather,

    thanks for sharing your insights about Blokube. I can see the benefits. However I was wondering what might be an appropriate topic for my posts that aren’t – as you know – very technical. Any idea ?

    Take care


    • Heather Stephens says:

      Of course Oliver! Don’t you think your stuff would fit nicely under entrepreneurship? I sure do!

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂


      • Hi Heather,

        I think you’re right, thank you 🙂



        • Heather Stephens says:

          I’m so proud of you (hope that doesn’t sound weird) that you’ve already taken action!

          I got home from taking my son to speech therapy to find that you’ve already submitted a post!

          Way to go Oliver!

          You’re post is in the video I just added! 🙂

    • Heather Stephens says:

      You also write quit frequently about social media, Oliver, and marketing, and blogging…

      My vote is YES, get on Blokube and start getting some votes and more exposure to your already awesome and popular blog!

  2. Hey Heather,

    I love this Blokube review. It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and getting your name and blog out there.

    When I started participating on Blokube, I met incredible people, I got interview invites, guest post invites and top bloggers started visiting my blog 🙂

    The possibilities are endless! As you said, the best decision a blogger can make is to join Blokube today and start mingling with like-minded individuals.

    I love it there! Hope to see your readers there too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this review, Heather. You rock!

    All the best,

    • Heather Stephens says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Mavis!

      It is about stepping out of your comfort zone and marketing yourself! Every EFFECTIVE way possible, and in my humble opinion, Blokuge is one of the most effective avenues to market our blogs out there!

      Great comment! Thanks!


  3. I am all signed up! I just need to be active. Shame on me! 🙂 Thanks for the really thorough review!!!

    • Heather Stephens says:

      I totally get it, Morgan.

      I’m the same way with some things, that I’ve signed up for and underutilized. I think the key is making it part of the routine. A month of focusing on it and it will become a habit!

      Thanks for the comment here and on FB too! 🙂

  4. Just signed up and added the vote button! Thanks, Heather!

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Good for you Dani!

      Way to take action and thanks for inspiring the video I just added to the post!

      I appreciate you!

  5. Hi Heather,

    thanks for adding the video and the thumbs up for my submission. I appreciate that 🙂

    Take care


  6. Heather,

    This is a great review! Thank you for sharing your perspective! You have a great take on it. I’ve been on blokube for a week or two and I really like it though I haven’t spent as much time on it yet as I would like.


  7. Heather, I’m glad you took the time to do a quick video review! I’ve seen this one before but I thought, “yet another site to not have time to get to!” 🙂

    Guess I’m signing up now 😉

    btw: I do have a weekly social media check but sometimes it’s so much to do that not all of it gets done…where’s that VA when you need her!? 🙂

  8. Hi Heather,

    Very detailed review of Blokube. I joined just recently and love it. Learned something new from your review as I didn’t know about the bookmarklet button.

    Thanks for sharing your insights!


  9. Hey Heather!

    I had seen Blokube a couple weeks ago (I think Mavis introduced it to me on her blog) and set up an account, but the more I look around I wonder that I’m even a good fit for it. My niche is Natural Parenting, and the topics I focus on don’t have a place there.

    But I love the idea!

  10. I use several of these social bookmarking sites. They are a really great way to get some exposure around the blogosphere and get some traffic back to your blog.

  11. Thanks, Heather. I created a profile. I guess I need to get on the ball with images in my posts!


  12. Heather, great post. I think Jym had mentioned Blokube a while back… I looked at it then… but you know how it is…?!… so after looking at yours again, then realizing Devesh had created it… I’m going to head over there shortly! Thanks for sharing such great info! Jayne

  13. Heather,
    My hard drive crashed.

    I lost everything.

    So now I am starting over.


    Recovering important bookmarks.

    Setting up email.



  14. Great to see your angle on this Heather…

    Blokube has a lot of potential, there’s a powerful community developing and lots of quality content coming through it. It’s niche focus makes it the perfect alternative – as you mentioned Digg and the like are simply too tough to crack for most bloggers, and not targeted enough in terms of readership.

    Brilliant review, I’ll see you there!


  15. I am also using many bookmarking site and it is new introduction for me. I will sure use this and will enjoy its benefits.

  16. I heard about Blokube many times before but never joined it. But your post changed my mind and I heading to Blokube right now 🙂

  17. Hey Heather Stephens,

    Yes i completely agree with your blog, Blokube is also social networking sites like face book and orkut,you choose really good topic upon SEO thanks for taking time to discuss with us,Keep posting.


  18. I use blokube for my blogging tips blog. I do not find the significant traffic from blokube yet but I will stick with it since I see blokube has potential.

  19. Many of us already use and understand social media, but very few of us tap into the great and growing potential of social blogmarking sites. Thanks…

  20. Devesh just sent me a tweet asking me to join the Blokube community. I’ll just check it out and see if I can fit it into my schedule. The only part I’m kinda worried about is that you say he wants comments on the blokube site too.

    Wouldn’t pasting the same comment at Blokube and the Post site result in duplicate content?

  21. Hi Heather,
    Yes I do blokube and I am thankful for it.

    I don’t remember who’s site I found it on, but
    I have been using it ever since.

    Thank you for more ideas and the information
    about Blokube

    Best wishes,


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