Do You Have Blog Challenge Cold Feet?

Say But Yes to Participating in the Prove It Blog Challenge!We’re starting our Clever Marketer Prove It Blog Challenge today and I know that some of you are following the blog challenge, wanting to join, but you just haven’t done it yet.

Most of my readers have a home based business and are either currently marketing their business online with a blog, or they want to be marketing their business online with a blog.

So far over 20 people have committed to the blog challenge and are already submitting posts to our blog challenge facebook group!   There are lots of high-fives, Woo-Hoo’s, and “this is gonna be great” types of comments going back and forth, and overall it’s an excited community of action takers, ready to reach their goals.

If you’re not one of the committed action takers who have said yes, yet, I want to ask you:

What is holding you back? Why have you not jumped in yet?

With this post, I want to reach those of you who are looking in, thinking, I want to do the blog challenge, but…(you fill in the blank with your excuses).

This reminds me of one of my son’s favorite books: But Not the Hippopotamus by Sandra Boyton.

So what is holding you back from saying, “But Yes!” to this blog challenge?

Are you feeling like you can’t come up with enough content to fill 70 posts before the 15th of April?

  • One of my first posts of the challenge will address this problem for you and give you infinite ideas for finding blog posts to write about!

Are you feeling like you don’t have the time to write that many posts?

  • They only have to be 150 words.  (Look at the text above me.  I’m right now at 292 words!)
  • I didn’t create this video, I found it on youtube, I only had a few paragraphs before it and after it…and it is almost double what fits within the rules of the blog challenge!  I spent more time giggling at all the parents acting silly reading their kids bedtime stories, than I’ve spent writing this post!

Are you thinking that you cannot commit to something like this because you have a vacation planned, you have a move coming up, you have something big happening in your life?

  • I have set the challenge to be only 5 posts per week.  I considered a 30 posts in 30 days blog challenge, but I want to have a life. I have a family and I like to frequently unplug for the weekends.  Pick whatever 2 days a week you want off.  If you need to take time off, but want to write straight through for 2 weeks, do it.
  • Your best results will come from consistent posting, but you can get around that by scheduling posts to publish when you’re busy.  If that’s too hard, then do whatever fits you.  The goal is 70 posts by April 15th.  Period.

Are you feeling like there are questions and technical things about starting your blog that you need to deal with first?

  • I have some solutions and some advice for you
    • If you wait until the technical glitches are fixed, you’ll never get started.  They are on-going and will never end.
    • If you try to fix them all yourself, you’ll end up going crazy…find someone who can help you fix them.  (I have just received help this past weekend from someone super helpful who did an awesome job for a very reasonable fee.)
    • There is no better place to help you deal with these types of challenges, than a community of other bloggers, which the blog challenge facebook group will provide you!

Are you wondering if you should even start, because you don’t have faith in yourself that you can finish it?

  • Stop being a perfectionist!  Do you think that by even getting started and writing a few weeks of posts…or even one week of posts that your blog will be farther ahead?  Sure it will!
  • Plus you will have the momentum of the group of other bloggers in the blog challenge to help carry you, get you excited, push you to write, etc.!

Are you feeling like you need to invest in training so that you know enough to participate in something like a blog challenge?

  • We have everyone in the group.  Brand new bloggers and bloggers who have been blogging for a long time!  You’ll fit in, no matter what your skill level!
  • You are proving it to yourself…no one else!
  • You are measuring your results against your own blog, not another blog.
  • You are going to be invited to participate in 8 free training calls with Q and A time at the end of them!

Are you wondering if it would really be worth it?

Are you running out of excuses yet? 🙂

  • If you have other things holding you back from joining us in the Prove It blog challenge, please post them in the comments below.

Prove It Blog Challenge Please Join us!And look me in the eyes and listen with your heart to what I’m saying…

I’m saying, “Hey, Come Join the Lot of Us!”

And if you still just don’t know, should you stay, should you go?  Should you stay in your comfort zone, or should you join us in our blog challenge?

I want to challenge you to say BUT YES!

Ok…come on and humor me!  With enthusiasm, and out loud!  Read this with me:

BUT YES!  I deserve to have the same success others are having in their home based businesses!

BUT YES!  I want to make 2011 my break-out year!

BUT YES!  I deserve to achieve my dreams, desires, and goals!

BUT YES!  I want the support and encouragement from others!

BUT YES!  I’m worth it and I’m going to prove it to myself and join this blog challenge!

You can read more about the Clever Marketer Prove It Blog Challenge 2011 to see what it’s all about and join us on our facebook page.  Our training calls start tomorrow, and the winner of the $97 scholarship for the MLM Blog Secrets training program will be announced then!  Everyone who joins today, January 10, 2011,  or who has already joined earlier is eligible to be in the drawing for the scholarship!

A Quick Glance at the Clever Marketer Prove It Blog Challenge 2011:

The challenge starts today, Monday January 10, 2011 and runs through April 15, 2011.  The goal is to create 70 unique and value rich pieces of content on your blog before the challenge ends! If you’re reading this on Friday, or even three weeks from now…don’t let that stop you!  You can jump in where we are and use some of the clever marketing tips I’m going to be sharing anyway!

And if you’re reading this and the blog challenge is not a fit for you, I want to encourage you to look within and see what you’re not saying “BUT YES!” to in your life.  If it’s starting a new business, if it’s pursuing a passion, if it’s learning something that has always interested you, or anything else, I want you to stop, take a big deep breath, and say BUT YES!  You’re worth it!

Please help me get the word out about this blog challenge by sharing it with others in social media, forwarding it to your friends, or whomever you think would like to join us!  And I’m looking forward to seeing you in the blog challenge facebook group today!


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  1. Great to be on board Heather,

    Look forward to sharing the journey with this group of people that you have gathered. Definitely feeling inspired by it all!

    Pushing our comfort zone which is essential for growth can be easier within a group context and here’s a great group for bloggers of all levels to do exactly that…



  2. Thanks for the further encouragement Heather. Even though we sometimes commit with all our hearts I know only too well how difficult it can be at times to follow through on those commitments!

  3. Wow! Heather,
    I’m already signed up, and after reading this post, I want to try and sign up again!!
    Is that ok?

    I haven’t taken the time to watch the video, but I sure enjoyed reading through the text.

    I can identify with a lot of the questions you raised, like technical stuff I wish was already fixed…
    or faith that I will see it through….etc.

    Thank you that you are going to be there to encourage us if we do have those moments,
    and all I can say now is…

    I’m still very glad to be ALL in.

    Martin Dale

  4. Hi Heather,

    lol, I can relate to that. You know that I got cold feet too. Today I made a list in my notebook with 70 lines and 70 dates – until April 15th. I filled in the posts that are already pre-written in my mind (only there so far), for example the follow-up parts of my ongoing series and my monthly top commentators posts.

    I can tell you, after that, it looks already less frightening 😉

    One question: How do we deal with already existing videos that are going to be embedded in a new blog post ?

    Excuses be gone !

    Take care


  5. Heather,

    You bring up great points! I’m really looking forward to this challenge, thanks again for setting this up!


  6. Heather,

    Loved that short video… I’m so ready… couldn’t sleep last night… well actually I sleep pretty good once I did get to bed… after I made this commitment to myself!

    You are going to teach us so much and you won’t even begin to know how EXCITED I am about this… I’m ready to ROCK this house and take myself where I’ve never been before in my life…

    To a deeper understanding of ME, My Abilities, My Knowledge, My Personality, My struggles, My Strengths… Oh my… I could just keep going on and on!

    I’m going to become the person that I know I’m met to be… the one that has the ability to HELP so many others just like me… that THINK they CAN’T… why not? Just look inside yourself… look no other place but inside yourself…. it’s then you will see…………….. The True YOU and all that you have to offer others!

    Ready to Rock Heather… Bring on the challenge!


  7. Always a great motivator Heather! I’ve been struggling with writing so this whole thing will help me keep the juices flowing the next couple months. I can’t wait to see all the new blogs you bring into our community.

    Happy Monday to you too!

  8. Thanks for diverting our attention towards challenge. I think each blogger should balance life.Business as well as family should run parallel.

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Thank you Basam,

      I agree. That is the whole point that I’m working at home. 🙂

  9. Some awesome points Heather. The challenge is a great way to learn new things and do some new things that you never did.

    I think the challenge will going to be super awesome.

    Thanks for sharing :). Looking forward for reading updates about the challenge.

    You really rock Heather. Keep rocking !


  10. Heather, I think this is such a great opportunity for folks to get out there and get their feet wet and Kudos to you for helping them.

    This is truly an exercise in having faith, confidence and trust that you can do this and I think taking these steps ‘together’ is a big part of helping everhyone not only do it, but successfully doing it.

  11. Hey Heather, I am doing a mini challenge, 2 posts a week 🙂

  12. Hey Heather,

    Wow, thanks for the motivation! Thanks once again for putting this together. I’m raring to go!

    You’re awesome. Keep rocking!

    All the best,


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