Beginner Blogger Q and A: Picking Your Niche and Finding Your Target Market

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Are you all having fun with this beginner blogger question and answer series?  Today we’re talking about defining your niche and identifying your target market, and from the feedback I’m receiving this is a smoking hot topic with all of you!  I received several questions asking about this so I recorded an audio while running errands with my husband this weekend, to help you.

But first, let’s explain niche and target market for the beginner blogger…

Beginner Blogger: Know the Difference Between Your Niche and Target Market

The two are confused by a lot of us when we are in the beginner blogger stage. Your niche is what you do. Your target audience, is who you do it for. We need to define both of these things when we’re creating our business plan for our blogging. And although they are similar, they are distinctly different.

Defining a Niche for the Beginner Blogger:

Your niche is what your great at.  It’s your skill, your interest, and for a beginner blogger it can be what you want to learn more about!  You don’t have to be an expert in your niche. You can blog about your journey to becoming an expert in the field

Your niche must be something you’re passionate about because when you start a blog it’s starting a project that does not have an end date. You want to pick something you can write about forever!

Your niche, contrary to the common beginner blogger belief, does not have to be marketing if you’re in the network marketing industry.  You can write about anything that interests you because your goal, with attraction marketing, is to attract people who have similar interests as you do so that you can build a relation ship with them.

Think about if you were to be building your business offline.  You’ll probably sponsor people who vary greatly in their profession, skills, or location, but chances are, the people you’ve developed relationships, share a common interest.  If you’re into tennis, you may have other tennis players on your team or using your products.  If you’re a parent, chances are you’ll network with other parents, teachers, coaches, etc.

Be “niche picky” with what you choose write about!

The same rules apply with internet marketing.  Even as a beginner blogger, you will be networking and building relationships with other people who share an interest with you on the topic you’re blogging about.  The only way you can do that is to pick an interest to focus on…aka your niche!

Example, if you’re a mom who loves to cook (so not me…but let’s pretend, okay?) and you love coming up with healthy recipes that your kids will actually eat, you could blog about that subject, share your tips, recipes, how to save at the grocery store on healthy organic foods, etc.  If you also represent a network marketing company that sells health and wellness products, your readers may be interested in hearing about them from time to time.  And chances are, if you’re a mom who loves to cook, and your readers are moms who love to cook, some of them may even be interested in learning how you are working from home…get the picture?

A common beginner blogger mistake is to think choosing a nice will cut back on the number of prospects you can reach.

For me, and for so many of us in the beginner blogger phase, picking a niche can be such a foggy, confusing thing.  It can feel like we’re narrowing our potential market, we’re cutting our audience in half, and we’re eliminating so many people who might be potential prospects.

But, I’m here to tell you that if you don’t pick a niche you will never reach anyone in your target market, because you’re message will totally blend into the noise.   Without a focused niche, your blog posts, videos, articles, or podcasts will not be memorable to your readers (if you have any readers at all).

The benefits of choosing a narrow niche:
  • It will actually help you increase the number of people who come to you, looking for information on what you do.
  • The more you narrow your niche, the better you will be able to speak to your audience.
  • You will be able to know what path to take in your business, your education, your marketing, and your blogging because you will have one focus.
  • It can help you avoid writers block because you know what you’re writing about.
  • It makes it easier for people to find you
  • People know what you do so they can refer you to others
  • You get to work with clients and prospects who are a fit for you and what you have to offer.

Beginner Blogger: Finding Your Target Market

Your target market is who you serve.  Think more “demographics” with your target market.

Age, location, education, talents, gifts, strengths, interests, problems, fears, needs, struggles, etc.

The more clear you can get on identifying your target market, the better you will be at connecting with them through your marketing.

If you’re a beginner blogger and you’ve yet to define your target market, chances are you are part of your target market.  Think about your ideal client.  What would he or she be like?  Think about their qualities, their interests, etc.

Sometimes taking some “personal discovery” time will help you to identify your target market easier.  The great thing about attraction marketing is that our ideal prospects will connect with us when we write things related to our niche, that appeal to us personally.

Picking Your Niche & Finding Your Target Market

I hope you enjoyed the audio.  I will be writing tomorrow on how to know if your niche and target market are profitable markets to get into. 

These two posts will be a great foundation for the webinar I am hosting for my blog challenge participants and readers on The Science of Creating an Irresistible Opt in Offer.  Those of you who register for the webinar will receive a link to the recording.  Anyone who does not register will not be able to access the recording because I’m planning on repurposing it for a product down the road.  You can register in the form below.

And to wrap this post off, I want to let you know about some exciting new additions I made to Clever Marketer over the weekend…

I’m so amazed by the progress my readers and participants in the blog challenge have made in the last few weeks. I know some of you are experienced bloggers, but many of you are in the beginner blogger phase and I’m blown away by the progress you are all making. If you’re looking for some incredible training, inspiration, technique, and marketing information, you will absolutely want to check out the blogs of the Clever Marketer Prove It Blog Challenge participants! You can access them all on the participants page under the blog challenge tab above my blog header!  In fact, this is probably a page you’ll want to bookmark to come back to again and again!

So I hope this helps all of you in the beginner blogger phase to identify and choose your niche and target market.  I would be so honored if you would do these three things for me in return:

  1. Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Let me know what you think of this post, the beginner blogger series, and let me know if you have any other questions you want addressed in future posts.
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Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Please remember to send any other beginner blogger questions my way! 🙂

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  1. Hey Heather,

    Yes, I’m enjoying this series! 🙂

    So true! When you narrow your focus down to a specific market segment and their pressing needs it is easier to stand out, attract attention and get known.

    As a specialist your audience will have more confidence in you and be able to tell others about the work you do – just as in your case, Heather. You ROCK!!

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    All the best,

  2. Hi Heather,

    for some reason finding a niche was the easiest thing for me. Defining my target audience was a little bit more difficult, hoewer I came to it on a natural way. So I am really glad that I am done with that 🙂

    Of course you are right: It helps a lot because we always find something to write or shoot a video about.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


  3. Hi Heather
    Thanks so much for this! You have given me lots to think about.

    Thank you so much for the value you have brought to the challenge. I truly am grateful to be able to sit at your knee…so to speak, and absorb all you have to share.


  4. Hi Heather,
    This series has been a really great help to me and I think I may be on to finding my niche… still have a few things to figure out.
    Thanks for taking the time to help all of us… don’t know where you find all the time, but I’m sure glad that you have found it…
    You are our Rock Star!

  5. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for sharing another helpful breakdown here.

    I had niche-paranoia for quite a while. Wouldn’t my numbers suffer? Wouldn’t I be turning off so many people by selecting a hyper-specific niche?

    No, and no. Getting clear means people who find you actually want what you have to offer. It means that instead of “turning off” people you tune in to the perfect matches with less effort.

    As for targeted marketing, if you neglect this strategy and play the numbers game you get burned, for we don’t do business with numbers. You’ll do things like trying to increase the number following you on twitter, the number of friends on Facebook and the number of subscribers on your list….and while chasing inanimate object known as numbers you forget to make each connections with people.

    In the long run you must work so much harder for mediocre results when you don’t select strict niche and focus on hitting a targeted market. Hit a target market and intend to connect with each person who expresses interest in you or your opportunity.

    Thanks again for sharing your insight Heather.


  6. Hi Heather,

    From one who has learned the hard way, this information is vital. I can’t remember ever reading a better niche explanation than yours, I mean really. I made so many mistakes along the way, I surely could have used this advice. It is hard and time consuming having to back track and correct errors. Every Tom Dick and Jill is an expert if you know what I mean.

    As you might have read, I’m on a new path for 2011, slow but sure. Your series is very helpful.

    Have a great week!

  7. There is a alot of value in your post.

    I understand now that i have to become laser clear on my actual target market..


  8. The first step to start your blog is to be master of your niche. Without niche your blog is nothing.


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