Beginner Blogger Q and A: Infinite Content Ideas

Beginner Blogger Infinite Ideas for Blog PostsContinuing my beginner blogger q and a series, one of the most common questions I am asked is, “How do I come up with enough content ideas to write about?”  It can be a scary thing for a beginner blogger to take on a project, like a blog, that is ongoing and needs to be constantly fed with more information to keep it going.

I know I let it hang me up for quite a while when I was a beginner blogger, but I quickly learned that there was a perpetual source of blog content ideas.  The more I wrote and the more I learned, the more ideas I had to write about.  I want to share with you in today’s post how to come up with infinite ideas for content and blog posts, even if you’re a beginner blogger with no experience!

But first, I feel compelled to remind you that no matter what you’re business goals are, if you’re committed to overcoming blogger’s block or writer’s block, and the only way to do that is to get out there and take action in your business; and for a beginner blogger, that means writing content consistently.  The ideas will come…I promise.

But if you need a little help, I brainstormed some easy ways to come up with content ideas for you in the video below.

How to come up with hundreds of blog content ideas your readers will absolutely love, even if you’re a beginner blogger:

Okay beginner blogger, here is your action plan for content ideas aplenty…

  1. Read other blogs daily
    1. Top blogs in your niche
    2. Blogs of other marketers with whom you’re networking
      1. Don’t be a copy cat or plagiarize
      2. Take ideas you’re getting from other blogs and write about them in your own words, expand on the ideas, and teach them to others
  2. Visit different groups online and research what people are talking about
    1. Search Twitter
    2. Facebook groups
    3. Yahoo groups
    4. Google groups
    5. Forums, etc.
  3. Make a big list of ideas you are struggling with and learning
    1. Go teach what you’re learning and discovering to your readers
    2. Get over the impostor syndrome! Don’t undervalue what comes easily to you. It doesn’t mean it comes easily to others.
  4. Learn from the leaders: what’s working for them?
    1. Check their list of top blog posts and write something similar (I learned this tip from a guest post on
    2. Duplicate what is working for the leaders in your niche
  5. Leave comments on other blogs that add value.
    1. Gathering your thoughts about a post and putting them into words will frequently spark an idea for a blog post!
  6. Save your blog post ideas in wordpress as a draft, in a journal, email, etc. for future use.
    1. Having a list of “potential” posts is a very secure feeling.
    2. Amy Mengarelli, a beginner blogger and mompreneur I’ve coached who is also part of my prove it challenge recently wrote a post about having a cue of blog content ideas!
    3. Another prove it blog challenge participant, and great friend, Oliver Tausend recently shared how he organizes his blog content ideas in a video on his blog.
  7. Live life and get out of the house to generate new ideas.
    1. Getting away from the computer and going out to meet others will help you to be more creative. (Keep your journal with you because that’s when your ideas will come!)
  8. Repurpose other content into blog post content: team trainings, videos, conference calls, etc.
  9. Start writing, it will help you generate new ideas
  10. Continue to invest in your own education and personal development.
    1. Everything you learn, and every new thing you do has the potential of becoming blog content ideas!

Need more inspiration?  Check out the following posts.

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So now it’s your turn…what content ideas did this inspire for you?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below and then please proceed to the social media buttons on the left and click to share this post of content ideas with other beginner blogger rock stars in your social media circles!

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  1. Hi Heather,

    I’ve loving the list, well done 😉

    I use many of the same techniques to generate ideas for content. Writing comments is one of my faves.

    Absorbing knowledge from other bloggers and collecting my thoughts to write a comment initiates the creative process within. As the ideas flow to me I’ll record ideas for blog posts in Notepad.

    You note stepping away from the computer and getting out in the real world to receive inspiration. Excellent advice. Nature inspires me; I go for a 45 minute walk daily. Also, observing interaction between people at the store or any public place provides me with instant inspiration.

    So many lessons to be learned out there. Simply be mindful of the moment and you’ll have no problem generating an unlimited amount of blog post ideas.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Heather.


    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for the awesome suggestions. I know that when I’m showing after exercising, I’m brilliant with ideas. 🙂 I will find myself repeating them over and over again for fear that I’ll forget them before I can get them written down. Must be something in the shampoo?

      Keeping track of your content ideas in notepad is a great idea. There are so many great topics floating in the ether that are just waiting for us to notice them when we’re engaging in life.

      Thanks for the awesome comment and the shares!

  2. Hi Heather, I got some great ideas for coming up with additional content in your post. I will have to try a few. It’s funny, I can be doing dishes, walking the dog or taking the garbage out some days and a blog post will pop into my head. Unfortunately I don’t always write them down and when I sit down… my mind goes blank! LOL Thankfully I have a short list, but with 65 more posts to write I’d better build a longer one sooner than later! Thanks for the great ideas! Jayne

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Jayne,

      I got your awesome facebook message and I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you yesterday. Internet issues. I will try to reply to you this morning, but my sweet hubby is home today and I’m trying to clear my schedule to spend the time with him. 🙂

      I have no doubt that you’re going to come up with those future ideas and finish the challenge! Call yourself or keep a list on the fridge…you just have to find a way to keep them on paper and not in your head. 🙂


  3. Hi Heather,

    the truth is the truth is the truth…so there’s no point in being too harsh.

    When I got started I wasn’t worrying so much about running out of ideas. I rather was wondering if anybody would be interested in reading my stuff. But that’s another issue.

    Your first piece of advice is probably the most important one: Read other people’s posts – they are a great source of information. As well as being sensitive about questions and issues people might have. Of course, you have to network in order to be able to learn about that.

    If you are writing about a topic where information gets outdated pretty quickly, it can be really stressful. You not only have to come up with new posts – they have to be very recent as well – it’s like being a journalist for a daily newspaper.

    That’s why I prefer writing about timeless stuff, like personal development and putting it into a new context, ie. in the context of MLM and home-business.

    That strategy makes it also easier to leverage my content, for example create an additional video or create an audio from my blog post. I can even embed videos on my blog I created one year ago because the information is still up to date.

    By the way, I love your black/white-video.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Oliver,

      I think you and I are a lot alike about wondering if anyone would want to read our content. There is something very “naked feeling” about writing. Especially writing from the heart, which you’re so gifted at doing.

      I like to mix up the timeless with the trendy on my blog. It’s my personal choice, but it probably serves me somewhat, at keeping things “exciting” for me. (Sounds kind of funny to say that, because I’m sure not everyone gets excited about these things!) The beauty of a timeless topic is that it gives us more leverage. And so I definitely try to do more of that then the trendy.

      You do such a great job with your videos, Oliver. I was trying to follow some tips from Susanna and others about editing my videos to make them more interesting…but to be honest, I felt a little silly about it and wondered if it was too much. (The ever lasting, oh-so irritating battle with self doubt.)

      I’m glad you liked it.


  4. Heather:

    I love the term imposter syndrome!! Fabulous. This is an excellent resource for people who are just beginning. Heck, even for those who have been building our blogs for a bit too. I find for myself, that being too critical of my thoughts prevents me from having content. Meaning, I am learning NOT to second guess my ideas.

    All the best,

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Lisa,

      We are all learning to not second guess our ideas. I think it’s a fine line to walk between assessing and taking action. We want to tune into what our readers want to hear, but if we over analyze it, we’ll never get anything out there.

      I’m learning that the more content I publish, the more comments I get, the more feedback I have, and the better I can do at getting more content out. It’s a lovely little cycle!

      I didn’t come up with the term impostor syndrome. It’s a real term for the feeling that someone is going to be “found out” that they aren’t as good as they say or as others think they are. People, women especially, hold themselves back from working to their ability because they fear that they aren’t enough. Oh, yea…been there!

      Keep learning to trust your ideas and intuition. And keep getting things out there to test and tweak. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, Lisa!

  5. Hi Heather,

    I don’t think you are being harsh at all! You are saying it as it is … as it should be. I think sometimes that’s what people need to hear to take action.

    I agree what you are saying about getting inspiration from other sources and making it your own. Having an “original thought” is nearly impossible and once you realize that you can get over the “copy cat” syndrome.

    As for blog topic ideas, I have a file called “blog topic ideas” where I have a running list of all ideas and I just pick and choose what I want to write about… simple. 😉

    Thanks for the great post and video! Lot’s of juicy info. 🙂

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Michele!

      Thanks for the value adding comment! You’re awesome to have a file like that. I have to say that files and I don’t mix. I tuck it away, and it’s gone forever. I’m one of those annoying visual people who can have a pile on her desk 8 inches deep, but tell you with 100% certainty that what you’re asking for is about 1/3 of the way down the stack. lol It drives my husband crazy, but it works for me.

      I think swipe files, in all honesty, are brilliant and really, that’s all we’re creating with a journal or by logging it into a wordpress draft.

      Glad you liked the video!


  6. Heather,
    You just out did yourself again… I never know how much I’m going to learn from you until I read your post and then I say to myself… GOD… thank you for bringing this wonderful woman into my life at the very beginning of my new journey… you truly are a gift from GOD Heather and I’m so blessed that I found you… that was God’s doing… I just followed his guidence!
    You rocked it one this post and gave so much again for all of us to learn! I’m defently going to follow your guidence here.
    Take Care Heather and again THANK YOU!

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Christina!

      Thank you for the amazing compliments. You have no idea how meaningful that is to me, or how much that inspires me to want to create more! Thank you.


  7. Hi Heather,

    One major take away I had from this post is to ‘re-teach’ the leaders’ or top bloggers’ ideas. I’ve read your impostor syndrome post, and I even did a post about it (but I think I didn’t do proper link back?:(). I totally agree that although a certain topic has been discussed by so many people, your following will see your teaching style as the one they’d want to have as their guide.

    I learned from ProveIt that learning from many people’s blogs and also reading other people’s comments can expand my horizon, thus sending me new ideas for my blog. I love this series, (I was just late for the party, as I wasn’t feeling so well the past 2 days)…If I can leave a question here, is there such a thing as the right balance to posting ‘encouraging’ , more towards personal growth posts rather than posting ‘how-to’ posts on online marketing in general? I sometimes feel the impostor syndrome that I don’t dare touch the How-to’s yet. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance, Heather. Love the video and this valuable content 🙂


    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Rowena,

      I will have to go search out your impostor syndrome post! 🙂 I’d love to see how you teach it.

      As far as your question, I’m sorry to say that it depends 100% on your niche and what your readers respond to. I would encourage you to experiment to see what posts your readers are reading, commenting, re-tweeting, etc. the most. Do they like the inspiration, or do they like the solid how to information better? How to information can quickly become flagship content that gets linked to over and over again.

      Don’t shy away from the how to’s. As you can see, even the basic blogging information is getting results here. 🙂 You don’t have to be a guru to teach how to do something!

      Keep up the awesome work…hope you’re feeling better!


  8. Hey Heather, nice job, these aren’t really new ideas but you presented them by including the benefits.

    For example, we shouldn’t undervalue what we teach, it may seem simple to us but it’s not the case for everyone, that’s so true 🙂

    Take care, Liz

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Thanks Liz!

      Sometimes it’s the obvious things we know and could be teaching that we end up overlooking because we are focusing on learning more advanced stuff for ourselves!


  9. Nice Post Heather.

    These are awesome ways to get content ideas.

    Another great way to get content ideas is Social Bookmarking sites like digg, su, blokube, blogengage etc.

    When i first started blogging, i used to see comment areas and look into the archives.

    You can also use to get some nice ideas on Blogging.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this awesome post heather. Keep ROCKING.

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Thank you Devesh, for adding all the extra value to this post with your suggestions for sites to look at for content ideas! That was awesome!

      Keep it up!

  10. Hi Heather,

    Fantastic tips as usual. I use some of the strategies you share here.

    I learn a lot by following top bloggers and get ideas from their content and comments. As I visit a lot of blogs, I pick up a few things that I feel I need to share with my readers – good or bad.

    To be honest, the information you’re sharing here can also help people who have been blogging for some time and just feel they have hit a brick-wall in terms of content ideas.

    You’re a great job, Heather!

    All the best,

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Mavis!

      I agree that even experienced bloggers need inspiration once in a while. 🙂 We should always be reading and learning, and following those ahead of us on the trail is the best way to know what steps to take next.

      Thanks for the awesome comment, Mavis!

  11. Hi Heather,

    Great ideas that can help anyone beginner or veteran.

    I have been saving ideas in a wordpress draft for quite some time, it is such great way to get a head start.

    Being on the road a lot, I really like to take advantage of my Blackberry.
    When I have a new idea I will create a memo or create an audio.

    If I create a memo, I can email to myself or copy & paste it into a wordpress draft.

    Thanks for sharing your list.

    Tommy D.

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Tommy!

      You are a blackberry Olympian. I am always amazed that you do so much from your phone. I can’t type on mine to save my life, but it’s important to get resourceful and find what works for us. Creating a memo is a brilliant idea to eliminate a step of having to transcribe your audio message to yourself.

      Thanks for the comment!

  12. Thanks, Heather. I even bookmarked the post as soon i’m going to write a lot of articles as well, so your tips are exact, as usual. But I think that the most important thing is writing is that you should like what you are writing about, the topic should be interesting for you personally. In other way, the text will be too formal to read, withput any emaotions. Do you agree?

  13. Hi Heather,

    Excellent tips. The more you read and internalise, the more you are inspired to put out great content. We all know that on the web, content is king. And of course, as you say, the best thing to do is to start writing.

    Take care,

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Wayne!

      Thanks for the comment. I totally agree with you, that content is king online. It’s the thing that makes this whole online business of attraction marketing work.

      You take care too,

  14. Thanks! This is a great resource to have whenever one feels like they are running out of information to share. (which should never happen) But this will take us back to the drawing board and refocus.

  15. Nice post Heather

    I think being well read makes it easy to come up with content.

    Whether you read hard cover books, other blogs, training ebooks or whatever, I am constantly coming up with ideas.

    I just came up with an idea right now reading your blog Heather 🙂


  16. Wow Heather,

    Your videos making has improved and is wonderful quality! I loved the video.

    I have to admit, when I saw how long it was, I almost didn’t watch it, but you kept it moving, and of course it was packed full of value.

    Wonderful ideas and tips. Thank you for sharing and keeping it entertaining as well.


  17. This is a great post. I particularly like mention of “the impostor syndrome.” Brendan Burchard frequently talks about this, but he doesn’t give it such a catchy phrase. However, we’re all experts in some area, or at least we know more than someone else out there. There’s no reason for us to dismiss what we know.

    Thanks for such great content!

  18. Hey Heather!

    This post really inspired me! Everything I read inspires me. I read A LOT of blogs and from those I get a lot of ideas. I’m constantly reading Tweets and Facebook status’ as well, so those are also goldmines for ideas.


  19. Great post Heather, and I think this is much needed because the biggest problem beginner bloggers face is coming up with ideas to write great content for their blog. I liked the video and all the tips you gave here, especially your number 7.

    When I was just starting out with blogging I would come up with new blog content by getting away from the computer. I would take a drive or go for a walk and let my mind clear itself up.

    After a while new content ideas would just come to me and I would make note of them in my phone or a piece of paper, and then when I returned to my PC I would get to writing/typing. This is what worked well for me, but I plan on trying some of the other tips you’ve listed here. Thanks a lot for sharing your advice.

  20. This one is big for me: “Gathering your thoughts about a post and putting them into words will frequently spark an idea for a blog post!”

    Another way I find topics is replying to people who post on my blog. I recently took a reply I made to a post a while back and recycled it into my latest blog post (Pathethic Password Help Pages). It was amazing…that post has received more hits than the original post that spawned it!

  21. Hi Heather,

    I have a slightly different challenge to find content for my blog, but I agree that you need to step away from the computer to get those juices flowing. If you are super egotistical, you think that your content is entirely your own creation…if you’re more to the point, you realize that we all build on each other, that we all tap into the collective consciousness. Thanks for the encouraging post.

    Lou Barba

  22. Great list Heather! I like the idea of going into fb, twitter and other social media to see what people are talking about to come up with a good topic to write about.


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