Backblaze Online Backup: Best Business Insurance Policy I Ever Bought

backblaze computer backupHow much value do you have saved on your hard drive?  Content, projects in progress, ebooks and training products you’ve purchased, photos, videos, family stuff, files for your clients, etc.  I bet it’s worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

What will you do when your computer cries “uncle?”

How are you going to feel when it all gets destroyed because your hard drive had a bad day?  Worried? Nauseous? Frustrated?  Will you go into melt-down mode?

Don’t worry, be happy, and make yourself a margarita. (mmm, I’m enjoying one right now!)  Every little thing’s gonna be alright. 🙂

Just like you, I had tons of content saved to my hard drive, all the projects in progress, files for my VA business, files for clients whose websites I’ve developed, my coaching files, photos, videos, family stuff, etc.  I was busy working away, one minute, everything was smooth sailing, then my computer locked up.  I tried rebooting thinking everything would be okay but my computer thought differently.  My hard drive had danced it’s final dance and was now lifeless, unable to load windows.

I would normally be freaking out, but I’ve got an internet secret that has my back.

Backblaze has your back…your online backup that is! 🙂

I don’t back up regularly, I back up all the time.  My secret weapon is a little website called Backblaze that charges me a meager $5 a month to continuously back up my computer, and my two external hard drives. 🙂

The computer repair guy apologized when he called to tell me it was the hard drive and was sorry to say that he wouldn’t be able to restore my files.    “No problem, I’m backed up,” I said which surprised him.  He said that he’s usually dealing with devastated, frustrated and angry people who have just lost everything.

As the owner of a web based business, not backing up your computer online is risky.

So let me ask, are you backed up?  That’s not what I meant…let me restate that.  Is your computer backed up? 🙂

Why Backblaze is the online backup service of choice:

There are other programs out there that do this sort of thing. I like Backblaze because its online backup is automatic which means I don’t have to think about it. They back up all my files unless I tell them otherwise.  Some other online backup programs don’t back everything up automatically.  They also have sent me an external hard drive (for a very reasonable fee) with all my files on it.

Don’t worry, be happy!  Get back blaze and be ready for anything.  Stolen computer, hard drive crash, virus, a margarita spill, and anything else that just might happen. 🙂

Get your blog on the backup bandwagon too!

Oh, and by the way, while we’re on the topic, let’s make sure your blog gets backed up regularly too.  After all, with all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve paid to launch your blog, create awesome content, and connect with your readers it would be devastating to lose it all.

You’ll need two free plugins to back up your blog:

That should do the trick.  Buy the way, I’m not an affiliate for backblaze, but I figure since they’ve kept me out of the hotseat a few times now, I’d give them a little lovin’ and hopefully some extra traffic and subscribers.  Hope it makes backblaze happy, having your computer and blog up will make you happy, and if you’re happy, I’m happy too!   Cheers!

♥ Heather

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  1. Cool! I didn`t know about Backblaze, Heather. Truly, one feels frustrated when the hard disc gets destroyed. This happens to me mostly because of virus problems, so I have to formate everything all over again…it is such a time waste sometimes, and so annoying. If Backblaze could help out, I would not mind using it for sure.
    Thanks for the share.
    P.S. Love the photo, you always have great choices to share!

  2. Backblaze is the easiest online backup system we’ve tried out. Once installed, it backs up everything. If you don’t like that, you can tell it what NOT to backup, but by default, it backs up all data. Other backup systems have you choose what to backup, but Backblaze backs up everything, and allows you to skip files.

    If I were to suggest an online backup system to my Mom, I’d tell her to use Backblaze.

  3. As any storage media is not reliable so back up must be kept.I think BackBlaze is the best option.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been meaning to get a cloud-based backup. We just lost our local network storage last month and I haven’t even determined if I can rescue that yet.

  5. Good suggestion Heather.

    To avoid something like that happening I always use Google docs that I can access from any computer.

    The reason I started was because of Microsoft Vista doing all kinds of things that made my computer crash. All was fine, apart from all my files gone. So Microsoft made me stop using them and opt for Google:-9

  6. Good suggestion Heather.

    To avoid something like that happening I always use Google docs that I can access from any computer.

    The reason I started was because of Microsoft Vista doing all kinds of things that made my computer crash. All was fine, apart from all my files gone. So Microsoft made me stop using them and opt for Google:-)

  7. This is a great resource, Heather. I do back up my blog using the 2 plugins your talked about, but I have to admit to not backing up my hard drive regularly.

    I am definitely going to look into Backblaze.

    I don’t want to be one of those psychotic people screaming at the tech when he can’t retrieve my files! 🙂

  8. Hi Heather, a couple of years ago, my old laptop cried “Uncle” I cried something else and it was NOT “uncle”… ha ha, I will leave that to your imagination, and you will probably be right on!!

    Mine was a mechanical failure!! Go figure. They couldn’t even access my stuff.

    I had never heard of backblaze. I will look into it. I have a main laptop I work from, but occasionally I will use my desktop in my office. I will look into seeing how they would handle two computers. I have priceless pics of my kids on mine that more than anything I would hate to lose, not to mention my blog stuff.

    I do though use one of the plugins you mention, but not the other. I will do that too.

    Thanks for the heads up. Wish I was joining you for a Margi!!

    Talk soon


  9. Well I can personally attest to the importance of regularly backing up our computers! The end of April I experienced for the first time the dreaded blue screen – oh my, what a feeling that was! I was lucky though because I was only out of commission for a couple of day while my computer was being repaired – and because I back up my files twice a week, it took less than an hour to set all my files up again. Whew! Thanks for the reminder Heather about backing up our sites.

  10. Hi Heather, nice to see and read your blog again.In my case I was usually save my data and file in my external devices and sometimes in the cloud using cloud services..

    Thanks for posting informative blog..

  11. Important stuff Heather!

    This is an easy topic to over look until that fateful Margarita spillage (or other disaster) comes… I’ve never had to make use of a service like this yet and I hope I’ll never have to!

    Having an ‘insurance policy’ is well worth considering, especially for a blog which is generating an income. $5 a month isn’t much if it means saving a computer load of data and content!

    Installing the two plugins you mentioned is a great place to start…

    Thanks for the heads up on this handy software!

  12. Interesting story, Heather.

    I do keep backups of my harddisk on another hard disk or in pendrive. Hearing first time about the backblaze, will defiantly going to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thanks for the resource Heather!

    Would prove very useful to alot of people who do not know about the importance of backing up the system, hard drives and blog.


  14. Hi Heather,

    thanks for sharing this. The best thing to do first is buying a right computer – a Mac 😉

    I am not saying that it is 100 % safe but we’re not getting the typical bugs Microsoft built into Windows.

    With that being said, I am using the Apple TimeCapsule to make hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups – automatically – from our two Macs and one external drive. It protects me also from my own mistakes when I deleted something accidentally.

    The disadvantage is that the backup process slows down the system so I appreciate your advice to use Backblaze.

    Take care


  15. Thanks for the great info – recently bought a 1.5tb hard drive that automatically backs up the computer whenever it’s idle for 5 minutes, but the next step is the extra reassurance of some online storage as well.

  16. Hello Heather!

    I have heard of backup services, although I have never used them. I simply do a backup on a CD, from time to time. I have been using the WP backup tool…I would be very sad if I lost my blog. I have heard people say that it happened to them. I appreciate all you do, and this is a great reminder.


  17. I like the fact that it backs up your computer automatically. I just can’t do it manually everyday so I guess this is something I should consider. Thanks, Heather! 🙂

  18. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for the information.I never knew about backblaze and I must say that its really a nice deal worth $5 that they provide of maintaining the backup.How much is the alloted space in $5?.

  19. Hi Heather!

    Like most of the bloggers who left their comments here, I’ve never heard of Backblaze before. I will definitely look into it. Not backing up could mean a lifetime of disaster and frustration indeed!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  20. Hmm. I’m wondering if all these blog posts about backing up my computer files is a sign from the universe I need to backup my system. I haven’t done so yet, but I’m really good at saving all my important documents with Google Docs, so not only are they accessible anywhere, but if my computer fries then I can still sleep easy knowing my really important stuff is with Google.

    It’s the poor man’s backup, I suppose. =)


  21. I recently had my PC crash destroying 5 years worth of material and data. Paid a company to try and recover as much as possible, with very limited results. Had I just taken the time to make a backup.

  22. I was really in need of online back up these days and Backblaze is really need of time for me.Thanks for sharing Heather.

  23. Back blaze needs lots of storage is an understatement. they are a backup service, so there data center contains a complete copy of all of there customers’ data, plus multiple versions of files that change.

  24. Thanks for the comment, Peter. Did you go with BackBlaze for your computer?

  25. With only $5 a month, its great!. We will no longer worry what will happen on our most important files on our hard drive cause there is a very secured back up. I say go to Back Blaze….

  26. Thank you for reviewing Backblaze. I have never really had problems with files on the PC. I recently had a problem with files on the hosting website. One morning I get a mail saying they hard drives were taken by law enforcing authorities and they don’t have any backups. I immediately found a new host. Thanks to “google cache”, I got some of the indexed data. How often do you backup your blog?