AM & PM Routine for Facing Your Fears

Lions, Tigers, & Bears are Lurking Outside Your Comfort Zone

One of my favorite things every day is the arrival of my Notes from the Universe.  (This is an affiliate link but the notes from the universe are free!) I seek them out, weeding through a jungle of emails every morning.  They are free, fun, inspirational, and always help me start my day with a smile.  This message was in my email in-box this morning and I loved it so much I wanted to post it here so you can enjoy it too. (And so I don’t lose it! LOL)

“Have you noticed, Heather, how moving towards a great dream summons from life’s jungles the fiercest lions, the scariest tigers, and the grizzliest bears… who eventually turn out to be the noblest teachers, the bravest guides, and the dearest friends?”

You’re on your way,
The Universe

It reminded me of something a friend and business partner told me a couple of years ago.  It was a story about how lions hunted as a pack.

The old lions who are not as strong, or as fast, and who don’t have teeth stand on one side of a herd of animals they are hunting.  The younger stronger, faster lions with sharp strong teeth hide in the weeds on the other side of the herd.  The old lions let out their loudest, fiercest roar which scares the herd and sends them running away from the roar, right into the trap set by the younger lions.

Run Toward the Roar!

The moral of the story is to run toward the roar.  Running away from things that you’re afraid of can lead you to place that is much scarier.

Aside from parenting building a business has been the most challenging thing I’ve every done, but it is also one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Every time I’ve pushed toward a new goal, reached for a new dream, and tried to do something new, the roar inside of me gets louder and louder.  My instincts tell me to run away from the roar.  The unsettled feeling in my tummy–the voices inside my head telling me “You can’t do this,” “You’re not good enough,” “You’re going to fail.”– the “emergencies” that appear in my schedule that must be tackled first all try to keep me from moving forward.

I’m finding more often than not, recently I’ve been able to push them aside and keep running toward the roar.    I hadn’t stopped to think about why until my Tut message this morning helped me to connect the dots.

My AM & PM Journal Routine

I have a morning and bedtime journal routine that I’ve been doing for a couple of months that is really helping me.

I have a notebook that I keep next to the bed. It’s not fancy, it’s just a black & white composition notebook.

In the evening after I crawl into bed, I write on the left side (back of the first page) about my dreams and goals.  I write about what achieving them is going to do for my life.  How is it going to positively impact the lives of my kids, husband and others?  I think about who else will benefit by my reaching my goal? Will the kid’s of the people I’m helping benefit by having more time with their parents?  How will that affect them as they grow up?  Will someone’s marriage be better because money worries are no longer an issue for them?  I write for the entire page and when I reach the end, I go to bed.

Then when I wake up in the morning I write down the opposite on the right hand side of the notebook (so the pages face each other).  I usually start off writing about the struggles our family would be having right now,  if I had not decided to start my business, and where we’ll be if I don’t continue to build it and grow.  Thinking about the 3 beautiful little faces, still warm and cozy in their beds down the hall, is the motivation I need.  What is going to happen to them if I don’t reach my goal, if I don’t make the changes to mindset, overcome the fear and reach for the goal?  Who else will suffer if I don’t do the activities today that will bring me closer to my goal?

Again, I write for a page on this and when I get to the bottom of the page, I read my positive journal entry from the night before, and start my day.  It only takes a few minutes twice a day, but it’s been so powerful for me.  It helps me keep my mind set on my goals, and helps me remember to to run toward the roar.

There are times those things get the best of me, I’m human after all, but I’ve discovered that the greatest gifts have been waiting for me on the other side of my fear.  Time with my family, friends, increased confidence, self belief, financial security…the list of gifts I’ve received because I’ve decided to face my fears at various points in my journey could go on forever.

…and then there are the gifts I write about each night before bed; the gifts I’m going to receive and be able to give to others by remembering to run toward the roar.

I recommend you commit to this journal routine for at least 30 or more days.  I hit a turning point toward the end of my first month where I really started to notice a shift in my outlook, confidence, and productivity. I hope it helps you too!

Thank you so much for your time reading this.  Please share your strategy for getting over the fear and continuing on your path to your goal in the comments below and please share this post with someone else who will benefit from it!

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