Affiliate Disclaimer

I have a personal code of ethics I follow when it comes to recommending a product or service to my readers.

I will have used the product or service and found that it helped me in growing my business or made my life easier in some way, or I truly believe it will help you.

In some cases I will be compensated if you purchase a product or service through a link on my blog. (Hey, making money is part of the plan, right?)

Sometimes I will be given products to review and mention on my blog.

I give you my promise that I will ONLY recommend things I’ve purchased and use in my own business or reviewed carefull. And I will NEVER recommend something just for the few dollars I may make if you purchased through my link.

I ask that you take responsibility for researching your own purchases, doing your due-diligence, and buying only if you can afford it and you will use it!

Your results with the product may not be the same as mine, and you own the responsibility for your decision to purchase it.

I promise to always bring you what I feel is the best at the time I recommend it. I have no control of how the product performs for you or the service you will receive from the vendor I am an affiliate of after the time I initially recommended it. a nut shell: Buy at your own risk, and remember that I value you as a reader and will always do my best to recommend products to you that I feel are awesome!