A Happy Birthday Email from a Big Name Clever Marketer

My Birthday Wish from Big Name Clever Marketer Matt BacakHow a big name, clever marketer named Matt Bacak, who I’ve never met, and who doesn’t know me, turned “one-of-those-days” into a great one with a simple email message.

Wow, I woke up this morning and was having one of those “days” that we all have once in a while. The dog got sick, I spilled my coffee, and my 2 year old woke up early, before I had a chance to shower or get dressed.

Thankfully it really isn’t often that I have these kinds of days and I can usually shift my mindset to something more positive by listening to some fun music, listening to an audio that gets my mind thinking about something I can do in my business, etc.

Today, however, I didn’t need any of those things.  My mental shift came when I logged into my laptop after the kids had left for school and discovered an email for me from a Big Name Clever Internet Marketer, Matt Bacak.

The email from Matt Bacak that changed my day:

This email was short and sweet, but made me smile and completely turned my day around!  It said:

“Dear Heather,

Happy Birthday!


Matt Bacak”

Now, we all know that this email was sent from an autoresponder, and Matt Bacak wasn’t “really” thinking about Heather C Stephens, or the fact that this week I celebrate my 36th birthday.  I haven’t worked one-one-one personally with him, and although I’ve purchased from him, learned from him, and been in his space, he has thousands and thousands of customers. This is one of many clever marketing secrets that he uses to connect with his customers and keep his name in front of them.

But what I also KNOW is that it made me feel good.  It made me smile, and even if Matt Bacak wasn’t actually thinking about ME today, I know he cares about his customers.  I know it makes me like him more, it makes me trust him more, and in the future when I’m looking to purchase another product on internet marketing, I’ll be more likely to purchase from him than someone else.

Every year around my birthday I get a card from a store that I frequently shop at with a coupon in it, such as $50 off when I spend $150 in my birthday month, and I can’t remember a year when I haven’t made it in to the store to redeem my coupon.

A furniture store I purchased from a couple of years ago, sent me a card last year with a gift certificate for a free candle, no purchase necessary. I stuck it in my purse and stopped in one day to get it.  Every time I burned it, I had a good feeling about my experience with them.  Even now, a year later, I’m remembering the nice gesture.  Guess where I’ll check first, next time I’m ready to buy furniture?

Ways you can follow the Matt Bacak example in your business:

I have learned from this, and since I work more personally with my customers in my network marketing business, I’ve sent them something that would be meaningful to them.  For example, I have a few clients who are on a budget, so I send them a free product or offer their next order at a discount.  I’ve also sent gift cards to coffee shops or brownies in the mail to other clients and business connections.

So, I’m reminded by this big name clever marketer how important it is to keep in touch with ALL our customers, clients, and prospects, not just the ones who are in your space all the time. This week, I’m making sure I set up a system to add everyone to the campaigns I’ve set up for my clients and customers.  By creating a system I can make SURE they get my version of a, “Happy Birthday, You ROCK!” message from me.  In fact, I think I’ll set it up so they get both an email and a card in the mail.

I know that even when they get an email that is sent from an autoresponder or when they get their card in their mailbox they will know that I was thinking about them when I set up the campaign, and that I appreciate them and value their business.

The great thing is that by adding the information into an autoresponder and by creating a campaign with a company I use to send cards and gifts through the mail the messages will be automated and will not be dependent on my memory or overloaded schedule!

Here’s to Clever Marketing that makes our lives simple and our businesses grow!

Do you have other clever marketing ideas around birthdays, or have you noticed another marketer doing something clever out there in the field?  Please comment below and share your ideas or other golden nuggets you’ve learned from Matt Bacak or other clever marketers!

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  1. Heather,
    I am going through your blog from the very beginning. You have so much to offer! I have next Tuesday off. Call me after 10am my time as I help in my son’s classroom!

  2. Wow Heather, very cool. I can see how that would make your day 🙂

    Marketing around birthdays IS very clever, after all who doesn’t want to get some recognition on their birthday?

    BTW, Happy Birthday Heather 😉

  3. Happy Birthday Heather! Our local club gives two for one vochures for dinner on birthdays. We always use them, and know a lot of other people in our community do too! Very cool and a little more personal than Christmas gifts (although I like them too). Thanks for the good read as usual and welcome back from holidays.

  4. Happy Birthday Heather! You are such a clever marketer and you really deserve all the good things happen to your life. Continue doing good job heather, keep it up!