A Clever Marketing Tip to Blog Traffic with a Meme

Get more blog traffic with a memeOne of the biggest (and most fun) challenges of building an internet business is getting lots of blog traffic when your blog is new.  And I’ve got a clever marketing tip to share with you in this post that will send blog traffic from new sources back to your site, help you thank the leaders you admire with traffic to their blogs, and help you brand yourself as a leader in your niche.

A Clever Tribal Blog Traffic Generation Tip that Creates a WIN-WIN for Everyone!

I received notification in my stats on this blog this weekend that another marketer, Laurie Morin, had tagged me in a blog meme.  A meme is when one blogger tags another blogger in a post and asks them to answer a question, link back to their original post, and tag some of their blog friends to keep it going. Chris Garrett has a great explanation of a meme on his blog.

The purpose is to see how viral a question can go which helps the originator of the meme get a lot of links to their blog and help everyone else who participates in the meme to get additional links and blog traffic from readers on other blogs.

A meme creates a tribe of blog writers who are sending blog traffic to each other.  That scenario creates a win-win for both of them and adds value to their readers in the form of a fun blog-post they can follow and learn from.  It’s a little like a progressive story, scavenger hunt, and powerful clever marketing strategy all in one!

The topic of this meme is: “How did your blog kick-start your business success?”

Unlike some marketers who have been online for years, I’m a newbie on the scene and I am thrilled with what my blog is doing for me in the short time I’ve been building it.  I think I offer a neat perspective on the topic of how my blog kick-started my business success because I’m still in the kick-start phase, and I’m already seeing significant success!

1. More Leads & More Money:

I received a commission check in the mail on Saturday and another commission email this morning because of my blogging.  These checks are in addition to my network marketing override commissions, and they are coming more and more frequently as my blog traffic and my list grows.

I’m also generating more leads for my business every week. Before I started to blog, I struggled to meet people with my busy mom schedule. Arranging babysitters so I could attend networking meetings and purchasing tables at trade shows, was exhausting and really didn’t lead to the quality or quantity of prospects I was hopeful for.  Buying leads was unsuccessful because I spent my money and my time talking with people who were not interested, not home, or not who I’d want as a business partner.

Now, as a result of my blogging and increasing my blog traffic through social media interactions, I’m talking to people who already know me, like me, and want to talk to me, and that’s made a huge difference in my motivation to call them and grow my business!

2. Better Marketer:

Blogging and being online got me out there reading and commenting on the blogs of other great network marketers, while initially it was to get some more blog traffic, the real benefit was that it gave me an awesome opportunity to further my marketing knowledge and get new ideas to implement in my own business and teach to my readers.

3. Strategic Alliances:

My blog has helped me to get noticed by leaders in the industry, and helped me to generate leads based on association with these leaders.   This has also lead to successful marketers giving me a warm introduction to other successful marketers with whom I may be able to collaborate on projects in the future.

4. Branding Myself:

The act of blogging has helped me to get very clear on who I help and what I help them with, which has helped me to brand myself.  It’s given me a platform to share my knowledge and expertise, in my own style and attract readers who resonate with me.

5. Market Research Leading to Product Creation:

Blogging has helped me to be closer to my market, to see what people are struggling with, and what struggles I’ve experienced personally as well while building my business online.  This has helped me to know what products would benefit my followers.  I’ve created 2 information products that I’ll be launching in the coming month which will lead to future income, branding, and strategic alliances.  Based on the information I’ve gathered, I’ve also written a good portion of a book which will be available on amazon later this year.  This will help to establish my credibility further, and allow me to pursue more joint venture offers with other marketers.

6. Instant Gratification & Motivation:

Blogging for me, has given me instant gratification and measurable success.  Often in traditional network marketing, it takes time to see the results of your work.  I can see my results from blogging almost instantly in the form of getting ranked on my keywords in Google, more blog traffic, and more opt-ins!  This is rewarding and addictive because the more I see results the more I want to go out and add more value to my blog…which creates a wonderful positive cycle of motivation for me.

7. Understanding & Flowers!

My husband is more supportive and understanding of my business because of my blog, and the growth my business has experienced.  He’s definitely excited about seeing affiliate checks arriving in the mail and my override checks increasing through my network marketing business; but more than monetarily, my husband is excited about my increase in confidence and he’s so much more supportive of me in working toward my goals.  He even brought me flowers on Friday to let me know he loved me and was proud of me!

I hope you enjoyed this clever marketing blog traffic tip!

I’m tagging some other marketers I’ve met online to ask them to continue this meme.  You’re welcome to participate even if you have not been tagged.  (It will help you get some extra blog traffic!)

So, how will being part of a meme help you get more blog traffic?

1. You get a warm recommendation by the person who tagged you that suggests to their followers to go check you out! = more blog traffic!  (I love warm referrals, don’t you?)

2. You get the gift of a link to your blog on the blog of the person who tagged you…before you even have to write anything! = free blog traffic!

3. You receive the benefit of having your blog post linked on the posts of everyone you tagged, (or who joined the meme because of your post) = more links leads to more blog traffic, higher Google rankings and more people finding your blog!

4. People will frequently follow the links to a meme, reading the thoughts and checking out the blogs of others who were tagged in the meme.  = Yippee…more blog traffic and more blog readers!

5. You get to pay it forward and help others by tagging them and linking to their blog, which will have them rushing to your blog to see what you linked to them about. = Another way to get new visitors to your blog!

BONUS BENEFIT: You  have a chance to share your thoughts on a subject…and you don’t have to think of a blog post idea for that day!

How do you participate in a meme?

1. When you’re invited to be part of a meme, you are asked to write a blog post about a specific topic. This meme  topic is: How your  blog helped to kick start your business success.

2. You include a link back to the person who originated the meme.  In this case, you’ll want to include a link back to Ana Hoffman’s post on, How Blogging Can Increase Your Lead Generation by 67%.

3. You will also want to include a link to the person who tagged you in the meme.  That means you’ll link to me (this post), just like I’m linking to Laurie Morin’s meme post, What has this business done for my blog.

4. Tag some bloggers you know to keep the meme going and see how viral it becomes! (After publishing your post, make sure you click the link to their blog so they are notified that you’ve tagged them through a pingback on their blog. You can also connect with them in social media or through email to let them know they have been invited to contribute.)

I’m tagging some clever marketers I follow regularly and some clever marketers who have helped me to spread my content through social media.  I recommend you check them out, read their blogs, and get to know them!  They are people you can definitely learn from.

Greg Martin, thanks for always providing great content and for thanking me for re-posting your content on my blog! I’ve learned a lot from you and I look forward to learning more in the future.

Kim DeYoung, I can’t wait to read your content when it hits my inbox. You’re my metro-mom hero,  mentor, and role-model.  I love the courses I’ve taken from you and appreciate your help connecting me to others!

Gerald Geigerl, I know you share my value in the benefit of building relationships, based on your awesome post I’ve linked here.  Thanks for commenting on my posts and sharing my content with your audience.  I’d love to hear how blogging has helped you to kick-start your business (and relationships!)

Eric Goldstein, you inspired me through your blog posts on thanking someone who has touched your life and your tribute to your grandmother. Thanks for reminding me to take a step back from my laser business focus to remember what is really important.  And thanks for giving me a push to share my thankfulness with the people who are important to me, as well as people who have helped me along the way.  I’d be honored to have you participate in this meme.

Amanda-Marie, I’m new to your blog, but what I’ve seen, I LOVE.  You have some awesome content that I know my readers would benefit from, and I’d love to know how your blog kick-started your business!

Jiri Majkus, I’ve enjoyed your very clever lead generation tips on your blog, and you inspired me to write my own book.  Thanks for being a great teacher and leader! I look forward to learning more from you!

Have some fun, share your thoughts, and get some blog traffic by participating in this clever marketing tip!


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  1. Hi Heather,

    What a great post! It is personal, informative and so supportive of other bloggers. I really like the way you made a personal comment about each of the people you tagged. Thanks for the great ideas. I am so glad that we are friends on The Unified Tribe.


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Laurie!

      Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I’m excited to see where the meme goes and what the responses from the marketers I tagged are. I tried to pick people that I have learned from and whom I believe who will give great responses that will inspire and teach everyone who reads them!

      Can’t wait to see what happens. Thanks for including me in your meme post!

      Have a great week!


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