A Cell Phone in My Coffee – A Fear Busting Business Building Lesson from a Work at Home Mom with a 2 Year Old

I have a 2 year old son, who has a fascination with liquid.  Bathtime is is favorite play time and I find myself frequently putting him in the tub just so I keep him occupied and entertained.  I love it when I need to clean the bathroom or when I have to get myself ready to go somewhere!  You’ll even find me frequently sitting on the bathroom floor with my calendar or journal, setting goals and planning my future business building ideas, while he plays with is boats in the bath. 

But, this fascination with liquid is extending way beyond the bathtub!  I’m now the proud owner of several extended warranty service plans because of “electronic tragedies”.  The people at Office Depot know me by name because I was in there 2 times in one week to replace my computer mouse that took a swim in my glass of water.   My sweet mom lost her remote a couple of weeks ago.

…and last Thursday I turned by back on him for few seconds and when I turned back around, my cell phone was in my coffee! 

The good news is that I was eligible for a new phone!

I could go off on a tangent about the frustrations of trying to discipline a 2 year old, but I recognized something about myself this weekend and I’m now more aware of a limiting belief that for a long time, held me back in my business. 

My husband asked me if I was going to get a smart phone, and I pushed the idea aside, because I didn’t think I needed to complicate my life with the technology.  I like to keep things simple! So I marched into Verizon planning to get another basic flip phone, and ended up walking out with the new Droid. 

~~(I want to remember to write a post about the powers of persuasion this cell phone sales person used to dissolve my sales resistance, help me discover what I really needed and how it would help me in my business, so that I happily spent a lot more money than I intended to, and got what I really wanted!  But that’s a topic for another day!) ~~

I’m amazed by how afraid of the technology I was but after having the phone for 24 hours, I wondered why I didn’t give it a chance earlier? 

When I first got started in my network marketing business, I was “OK” on the computer-meaning I could send emails with attachments!  My business was built almost entirely by phone and with coffee-dates.  I really felt like I was high-tech when I purchased a company replicated website.  But as my business has grown and my needs have changed after becoming a mom again.  The desire to work more from home, lead me to discover that I needed to build my business online. 

The concept of internet marketing really intimidated me, but the potential it held to expanding my already successful network marketing business was too much to give up. 

As they say, “When the why is big enough the how will take care of itself,” so the need to embrace technology became stronger than my fear. 

There are several people I work with in my network marketing business who will not explore the possibilities of building their businesses online because they think it is going to be hard, and they’re afraid of the technology. 

I felt this way too, but I came to the realization that “hard” was:

  • the desperate feeling I had inside because I didn’t have enough people to talk to in my business.
  • procrastinating talking to the few names I had on my list because there was security in knowing I had someone I wanted to talk to.
  • wasting lots of money on buying leads who didn’t know me, or want to know me. 
  • not being able network with new people without having to arrange babysitters, clean the house and find clothes that I felt good in even though I was still carrying around pregnancy pounds, (never mind the fact that my son was was 10 months old!) 
  • knowing that I could be doing more for my family than I was doing, and knowing that our security was in the hands of my husband’s employer.

What was I really afraid of?  

  • Seeing my husband have to lay off several people (on a few different occasions last year), wondering if it would be us the next time. 
  • I was afraid of having to sit across the dinner table from him, looking into his stressed expressions, knowing the heavy burden he was carrying. 
  • I was afraid of the responsibility I felt, knowing at the same time, that I had a solution for people with needs like the ones he was laying off, that could help them and their families and bring our family more security too. 
  • I was afraid of the feeling I had inside that I wasn’t doing enough to share it with them because I was intimidated to go online!

Looking back over the last year, I realize that I have wasted a lot of time worrying about things that are very minor. Like many things in life, and everything in my business over the last 5 years, the first steps may seem overwhelming, but it will get easier after you try it, and may even become fun!

Every step I’ve taken online has been easier than I thought it was going to be when I looked back on it. 

So are you letting your fear of technology hold you back from growing your business online? 

Please share your thoughts below.   What is the biggest fear you have faced in your business so far, and what discoveries have you gained after facing it?

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