7 Social Media Marketing Ideas You Can Learn from Sesame Street

7 Social Media Marketing Ideas You Should Have Learned from Sesame StreetAre you aware of the big Sesame Street social media marketing campaign that is sweeping the internet right now, staring our lovable, furry old monster named Grover?

We journeyed to Chicago this weekend to take the kids to see Kermit, Miss Piggy, and of course Bert & Ernie at the Jim Henson exhibit.  While I love the Muppets as much as everyone, my heart belongs on Sesame Street.  I loved the show growing up.  In fact, my parents have Sesame Street and me to thank for their first color TV!

I don’t remember the situation as I was only 3, but the story, as it has been told to me countless times, is that my grandparents were visiting us in Omaha, NE while my dad was stationed at the air force base there.  I was excitedly telling them all about my friend Big Bird.  They asked me what color big bird was, and I didn’t know.  I couldn’t answer them because we only had a little 13 inch black and white television.  They went out for a little while that day and came home with a brand new color TV for me so I could learn my colors!

So I got a little off track with my story, but Sesame Street offers more than a fun way to learn our colors…we can learn how to effectively build a network marketing internet business in social media!

7 social media marketing secrets for building your network marketing internet business that you should have learned from Sesame Street.

Social Media Marketing Idea #1

Share value with your followers.  This can be your content or someone’s socially proven content.

Sesame street airs on PBS, (public broadcasting service) and is broadcast free the US.  They offer free entertainment and education for our kids (and those of us parents who enjoy it as much as our kids do!) throughout the world.

Sesame Street is also leading with value by offering free e-books, videos, etc on their website.  In return they have a loyal following of fans, corporate sponsors, and they also monetize through the sale of licensed merchandise, books, videos, games and other educational media.

Social Media Marketing Idea #2

Sesame street is syndicated in over 120 countries!  Syndicate your social media marketing through many different channels.  Leverage social networking tribes.  Participate in the big social networking sites like twitter, facebook, and youtube.  Comment on blogs that offer comment luv and anything else you can think of to share your valuable content within as many different social circles as you possibly can.

Social Media Marketing Idea #3

Shine positivity in your social media marketing.  “Sunny days sweeping the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet,” the first phrase of the Sesame Street theme song paints such a positive image in our minds.  Be the sunny days for your followers!  Don’t complain, nag, or be a downer on social media.

Social Media Marketing Idea #4

Create a memorable personal brand around you and your network marketing internet business.  Your style should shine consistently through in all of your marketing.  You should be branding yourself through color, your photograph, your personality and what you’re known for!   Sesame street is identifiable through their colorful furry monsters, their familiar green street sign with white letters and a yellow border, their song, etc.

Social Media Marketing Idea #5

Be a friend and make friends with others!  Social media marketing success boils down to how good you are at being social!  Are you connecting with people who seem interesting to you online?  Are you sending out friend requests?  Are you chatting with people online and taking your conversations offline?

Can you think of a more “social” place than Sesame Street? I can! A sesame street fan page on facebook!  Grover has his own page with over 33,000 likes!

Social Media Marketing Idea #6

Keep the attention of your market by keeping your marketing fresh. Take a chance and try something new.  People love to see others growing or going through a transformation.  Get out of your nest!  Whatever your “nest” represents in your life.

Have fun with your social media marketing. Use humor, do something unexpected, keep people wanting to see what’s coming up next.  Sesame Street keeps the attention of children by giving fun information in little segments.  They mix it up and do something new before kids get bored with one segment.

Social Media Marketing Idea #7

“Can you tell me how…?” Educate your followers.  Be a leader in the areas that you have knowledge.  Share what you know with others who can benefit from it!  You don’t have to have a doctorate degree in something in order to be able to teach that to someone else.

Feeling like you don’t have enough knowledge to help someone is called the impostor syndrome, but you don’t have to suffer from it! You will see kids teaching monsters and monsters teaching kids on sesame street.  Often times when you’re new to something, others who are new as well, will resonate better with you than with someone who’s a “certified” expert in the subject.

Today’s network marketing internet business lesson is brought to you by the letter S and the number 7.

Oh, and here’s the latest hot Social Media Marketing video by our lovable furry monster, Grover:

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Heather C Stephens, Clever Marketer Internet Network Marketing MLM           Home Business Blog Tips for WAHM MompreneursHeather Stephens

p.s. I wrote a post yesterday about 2 Lessons from Sesame Street for Building Your Network Marketing Internet Business that you may also enjoy.

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  1. Hi Heather,

    Wow, that museum must have really had an impact. 😉 You’re making me want to take my kids too! haha

    Those are all awesome tips. I’m only active in one tribe, but I’ve thought about how powerful it can be to actively take part in more. (If you have time…)

    I could comment on every one of your tips, but you did a great job covering them all. I will say though that building your brand is super important. It might be hard to figure out what that brand is, but the sooner you can do that the better!

    Thanks for another great post!


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Susanna,

      Totally think that the museum was awesome for any age…even your older boys!!!

      I probably have more posts in me from the awesome trip to the museum, but I think I’ll have to save them for later!

      Great point about figuring out your brand sooner than later. I think your concrete brand can be tweaked as you progress in your business and learn more about what your target market needs, so someone shouldn’t be afraid to get started!

      Thanks for another great comment! 🙂


  2. Heather…that post gave me the chuckles but also let me see something inside of myself that I think many adults may have forgotten they have and that is, “the child within myself!!” Sometimes that is the best stress reliever there is to just let the child within you come out & play! (Could be a blog subject!lol)

    Since learning is such an ongoing issue with me, I love to be part of social tribes. The social media idea number 5 resonates well with me as that is part of who I am & that is making new friends & seeing how I can help them imporve their life & how they can help me improve mine!

    Thanks again for sharing those great analogys! “I want to be just like you (in blogging) when I grow up!” LOL

    Best regards,

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Karlene!

      I’m looking forward to chatting with you on your coaching call on Monday! 🙂

      I hope you do write a blog post on bringing out the child in you!

      Tribes have been instrumental in my success so far. I’ve made some awesome connections and friends through the tribes and by commenting on other blogs I love!

      I want you to be just like YOU (in blogging), not me! You’re an amazing person…don’t try to be anyone else…you’re perfect already!

      Talk with you Monday!


  3. My son just turned two, so Sesame Street is really becoming part of our lives now. Your points are really spot on. Sharing and making friends is a really good policy for blogging. Great post by the way. Anything about Sesame Street just really brings out a warm fuzzy!

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Richard!

      I’m sure your son loves Sesame Street too. 🙂 It’s the greatest isn’t it? I’ve got a two year old son who is soon to be three. I have two older daughters too ages 12 and almost 9 and I am excited to be going through the Sesame Street age again.

      Warm and fuzzy is a GREAT way to describe Sesame Street! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and shared your thoughts!

      See you around soon, I hope!


  4. Hi Heather,

    One can definitely tell that you have little ones around. The days of watching Sesame Street in this house have been over for a long time. My boys were lucky enough to be able to watch it in two languages growing up… English, and German when we lived in Germany.

    Your tips are awesome and I love how you always tie it all together. It’s absolutely brilliant and since you relate your points to something most people are familiar with it also makes it a lot more memorable.

    Great job!


  5. Hey Heather, We can really learn a lot about social marketing even from Sesame Street LOL!

    For those that really don’t get social media marketing ideas, I think your idea #1 says it all and says it very well 🙂

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Liz,

      Thanks for the comment. I just love Sesame Street…watched it this morning with my son as a matter of fact. Isn’t it funny how we can learn business strategies from different experiences? I totally think that number 1 is number 1 for a reason…adding value is where everything begins in attraction marketing in social media.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi Heather,

    What a creative post by relating it to Sesame Street. I love them and can’t believe that Grover has a FB FanPage! #7 is something I am slowly getting over. I am beginning to see it as a two way road 🙂

    You know what is strange is I have never seen Sesame Street on Italian TV but again my nieces don’t want a lot of TV. I will keep an eye out for it – I am sure it is!



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