7 Simple Summertime Marketing Ideas for WAHM & Mompreneurs

WAHM and mompreneurs Summertime Marketing IdeasHey WAHM and mompreneurs! Is your business in a summertime slump, causing your income to melt away faster than an ice cream cone in the hands of a 2 year old?

I’ve been there!  Here are 7 simple marketing ideas that can help (work at home moms) WAHM and mompreneurs survive the summer business drought!

I got an email last week from an online friend and fellow mompreneur who is also building a network marketing business from home. She was sharing how frustrated she was that she was not making progress in her business.

The universal struggles for WAHM and mompreneurs:

For the WAHM and mompreners, between balancing family, household needs, and building a business, it’s easy to feel spread thin from time to time.  And for a lot of work at home moms, when schedules get crazy, their businesses are the first to fall off the priority list.  Adding summertime, kids at home, vacations, & company into the normal chaos of working from home, it can feel practically impossible to stay focused on building a business.

And…summer usually brings extra expenses with vacations, camps, entertaining, lessons, etc.  With the sound of crickets chirping in your checkbook because of slow business and lost income, summer can become a scary time for WAHM and mompreneurs.

Does this sound like you?

You don’t have to struggle, WAHM and mompreneurs!

I’ve been in my friend’s shoes in summer’s past, but this summer is different for me.

In the last 4 weeks…

  • I’ve created 2 information products
  • created a new opportunity presentation for my network marketing business
  • written a good portion of a book
  • launched a new blog
  • participated in 2 telecourses (completed one) implementing what I’ve learned
  • entertained company for a month
  • and took a week long family vacation in the North woods of Wisconsin with my 3 kids, husband, parents, sister and her family.

Typical of  other WAHM and mompreneurs, there is no-one better than me at dreaming up fabulous ideas and grand plans when it comes possible ways to my business.   I’m a living, breathing, classic case of squeezing 10 pounds of $h!+ into a 5 pound sack.

But, I’ve found this summer that it’s the simple and effective marketing ideas are the most profitable because they are easy to implement and actually get done! They can be squeezed into the nooks and crannies of my day, between activities with the kids and many of them can be automated so they happen even when we’re not thinking about them.

7 Simple Marketing Ideas for WAHM and Mompreneurs

1. Schedule time in your week to do your marketing.

  • I like to spend an hour a week, and sketch out what I want to accomplish…right down to blog topic ideas, and trainings I want to listen to.  That way my marketing time can be productive!
  • Use your marketing time to make phone calls, contact your clients, place orders, schedule your email newsletters, plan your social media strategy for the week, write your blog posts, etc. (STAY FOCUSED!)

2. Put anything and everything you can on autopilot!

  • Pre-load messages into your autoresponder: blog post updates, newsletter’s, etc.
  • Schedule blog posts to publish through out the week
  • Schedule tweets to be sent out when your content is published

3. Re-purpose your old content. Tweak your old blog posts, videos, audios, articles, and emails into new content so you don’t have to recreate everything from scratch.

4. Use what you’re learning and studying add your personal perspective and ideas to turn it into content you’re teaching.  There is no better way to understand something than to teach it to someone else!

5. Leverage your team support by uploading announcements and news to a team blog so your business partners have what they need at their finger tips without asking you for it.

6. Outsource what you can.  Hire your older kids to enter your new leads into your card auto-responder account, invite someone to write a guest post on your blog, draft off of the work of other marketers by effectively using other people’s proven content

7. Use a timer and play a game of beat the clock…make it your goal to get x,y, and z done in the next 15 minutes!

Instead of thinking about all the things you can’t get done because you’re schedule is crazy…ask yourself, “What can I get done?”  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed thinking about everything you should be doing.   You’ll feel as overwhelmed as a 6 year old sent to clean up their messy room.  Break your marketing ideas down and pick something to focus on!

Please pass them on and share your ideas in the comments below! I hope these 7 simple marketing ideas for WAHMs and mompreneurs will be helpful to you this summer!


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  1. Great time management tips. Making good use of time is essential for anyone who makes money online. I’ve never thought of the ‘beat the clock’ approach, going to have to try that one.

  2. Great time saving tips! I’ve found keeping a schedule helps me on track.


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